Hair and beauty resolutions to make for 2016

It's not just about putting the Quality Streets away - you've got some serious resolutions to keep this year...

1.     Stop using face-wipes


They may be cheap and easy but face-wipes are filled with harsh chemicals and strip your skin of its natural moisture. There are plenty of kinder make-up removers you can use such as balms and lotions that will remove makeup without damaging your skin.

2.     Grow your hair long for braids

A major trend in 2016 is set to be tight braids in amongst flowing locks. Try growing your hair out, whilst still having it trimmed every 6-8 weeks to prevent breakage and you’ll be able to perfect the look.


3.     Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliating your skin is an important way to clean and empty your pores, but doing it too often can irritate your skin. Exfoliate just once a week as part of your cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and your skin will benefit from it.

4.     Hair care at the gym

The gym is a great resolution to take up this year but make sure you’re looking after your hair. Condition your hair after your workout as sweat is full of salt that will dry out your hair faster than you can do a 5km run.

5.     Stop touching your face

Despite it sounding obvious so many are guilty of this. Whether it’s a blackhead you want to get rid of or just generally checking out your skin during the day you’re spreading oil and dirt across your face. Stick to washing it twice a day and you’ll be looking after it much better.


6.     Spend time watching makeup tutorials

With the number of beauty vloggers online there’s no reason you can’t learn the latest beauty trends. Set aside some time once a week to watch a tutorial on a new skill and learn to perfect. Skills such as contouring or curling your hair aren’t that difficult once you’ve practised.

7.     Get more sleep at night

Sleep is nature’s best beauty tool as it’s when our body is at its most active repairing any damage that’s happened during the day. You should be getting at least eight hours a night to allow your hair and skin time to rest and recuperate.



8.     Clean your brushes

Think about how often you use your hairbrush and makeup brushes, now think of the last time you washed them. Dirt, oil and bacteria can build up very quickly so wash your brushes once a week to avoid letting it build up.

9.     Cleanse, tone, moisturise

These three steps may have been said thousands of times but they’re still so important. Make sure you’ve removed any makeup beforehand and use a brand your skin gets on with, twice a day, every day.

10.  Go natural


Possibly the most important resolution for both hair and beauty is to go natural. Not only is it better for you and way more manageable but its set to be a major trend for 2016. Basically, less is more.