Hammam Rituals: The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Treatment

Your skin will be silky smooth and subtly scented after trying out The Rose Ritual at Urban Retreat's Moroccan Spa

If you ask me, a hamman treatment is something everyone should experience once. There’s truly nothing else like it, and while when you hear all the elements of the treatment, it can sound daunting, it’s truly worth it.

The amazing marble seating area

I lost my hamman virginity at The Moroccan Spa at Urban Retreat in Harrods, with The Rose Ritual – the creme de la creme of hammans!

Stepping into The Moroccan Spa is like being transported to another world; the floor to ceiling marble makes you feel like a princess in an opulent palace, and the heated benches are like heaven, especially compared to our arctic offices.

Where the treatment takes place

The treatment begins when you’re led into a private marble room; you lie down on the floor of the treatment room, wearing cotton spa knickers and nothing else (much nicer than it sounds) and warm water is trickled over you – again, much nicer and more relaxing than it sounds.

Next up, a traditional kessa glove and black soap exfoliation takes place, before a luxurious combination of argan oil, rose powder and majestic rose petals gathered from the foot of the Atlas Mountains polish and purify the skin.

A specially formulated aromatic rose infused face mask is applied, as your kessala (the person who conducts the treatment) performs a traditional Moroccan stretching massage to relieve any stresses and tensions. This ritual finishes with an application of the Rose Velours body cream to leave skin silky smooth.

My favourite bit of the treatment was being left alone with my thoughts, while the facemask sank into my skin. I was completely relaxed and loved lying in the warm room with no distractions aside from the gentle trickling sound of water.

After the ritual was finished, I was taken to a decadent gold curtained seating area, where I snacked on almonds and dried apricots and sipped mint tea. My transformation into a princess was complete, and I was very sad to leave the cocoon of luxury.

The next day despite my surroundings being a lot less opulent, my skin was still silky smooth and faintly scented with rose – the perfect reminder of the dreamy evening before.


The Rose Ritual in The Moroccan Spa MarocMaroc at Urban Retreat, £150 for 60 minutes, is available until 31st August.