How to avoid wedding day beauty disasters

10 top tips to help you avoid embarrassing big day beauty blunders

Photography by Sean Cook

1. If you’re prone to oily roots, keep some powder-free facial blotting papers in your clutch. As well as mattifying your face, use them to dab along your hairline and parting if they start to look greasy.


2. Fake tan turned your cuticles orange? Nail guru Leighton Denny offers this cunning plan: ‘Eliminate those tell-tale signs by scrubbing up with a toothbrush loaded with whitening toothpaste.‘ Could prevent a major wedding morning disaster. 

3. Yikes! Your once sleek ponytail has suffered a sudden attack of the frizzies just before the photos. We watched a session stylist calm down our bride’s flyaways by spritzing a toothbrush with hairspray and then smoothing it over the top. He also then ran it along her eyebrows to set them too. Simple! 

4. Here’s a cunning plan for long-lasting lips. After applying lipstick pat a matching shade of blusher on top to lock it in place. Worth knowing when you want to look picture-perfect all day long. 

5. If you’re wearing your hair up, spare a thought for your ears when applying your make-up. Jane Richardson, international lead make-up stylist for Nars warns, ‘Flash photography will make your ears shine really white so give both the backs and fronts a dusting of bronzer.’

6. To achieve optimum hair shine, rub some glossing serum between your palms then skim your hairbrush bristles over them. When you brush your hair the serum will be distributed evenly without risk of overdosing. 

7. If you’re wearing flowers in your hair, be careful not to use hair products on them as the petals may become damaged and the flower won’t last. Fix them in your hair once it’s been styled.

8. It’s your wedding morning. You’re in some luxury beach location with no hairdresser and your own attempts at a high bun are a big flop. Get more bouff to your bun by snipping the toes off one of your husband-to-be’s socks (make sure its not one of his wedding ones), roll it down into a doughnut shape then pull your ponytail through and wrap your hair around.

9. Apply fragrance before stepping into your dress so you don’t run the risk of yellowing the material. Same goes if you’re spritzing some in your hair – do it before the veil goes on.


10. If you’re going your own make-up on the big day, check that everything is clean (ie. brushes and sponges) and in date. Minutes before the wedding car arrives is not the time to discover that your lipgloss has gone gooey!