How to get kissable lips for your wedding day

With the most important kiss of your life just around the corner, here’s the lowdown on perfecting your pout

When the registrar utters those all-important words and your brand-new spouse leans in to seal the deal, it’s only natural to want your lips to be their plump and kissable best.


But what if you’re not blessed with an Angelina Jolie-style pillowy pout? Fear not! We’ve worked out how to transform your lips from lacklustre to luscious in no time at all.

Image | Richard Burns


Forget TLC’s advice about no scrubs: for lips that are smooth and soft,
 a sugary lip scrub is every bride-to-be’s BFF. We love Lush’s Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

“Scrubs smooth the texture of your lips, and leave them moisturised even after the exfoliating process,” says colour artist for Lush, Charlotte Howe.

If you’re trying to tighten your purse strings ahead of the big day, a trusty toothbrush can work well as an exfoliator.

“Lightly brush a toothbrush over your 
lips once a week,” advises BareMinerals international make-up artist SJ Froom. “This helps to exfoliate them and leaves a smoother base for lipsticks and glosses.”

Exfoliating allows moisture to better penetrate the lips, which is where our next piece of advice comes in…


The best way to care for lips is to keep them moisturised and hydrated at all times.

If you’re anything like us you’ll have a balm at the bottom of each of your handbags, just waiting to soothe sore lips; choose one with hard-working ingredients as well as pretty packaging, though – we’re suckers for a shiny tube, but looks aren’t everything!

“Choosing lipsticks and lip glosses with skin care benefits helps to keep lips soft and hydrated,” says Marie Schmid, Clarins’ head of professional treatment training.

Look out for ingredients including shea butter, beeswax and petroleum. They seal in moisture and don’t evaporate as quickly.

“Papaya-fruit extract is super-moisturising and great for your lips,” adds Pauline Paterson, co-founder of Dr.Pawpaw. “Aloe vera is good for soothing lips, and works especially well when treating chapped lips due to the anti-in ammatory properties. 


Lip masks 

If you religiously apply lip balm, but still feel your lips are lacking, it might be time to bring in some extra support; enter lip masks, designed to wage war on underperforming pouts.

“Daily use of a hydrating lip balm helps the lips, but every now and then you need an intense mask treatment that delivers nourishment deeper into the layers of the skin,” advises Nicole Arnoldussen, co-founder of Starskin.

Where balms simply restore lost moisture, masks also combat the loss of lip fullness and banish fine lines around the lips – the holy trinity of lip care.

Lip masks deliver an intensive, nutritive boost to parched lips – instantly plumping, comforting and resurfacing lips that have been neglected. We’re not the only ones getting on board with masks; Emma Stone snapped a LOL- worthy selfie of herself wearing one the night before the Golden Globes, and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us. Just pop one over your mouth, lie back and relax while it works its magic.

Plumping lip glosses

Want lips that Rosie Huntington- Whiteley would envy but not blessed with a bountiful pout? There are all kinds of ways to super-size your smile.

We love Soap and Glory and Too Faced‘s lip glosses that vamp up the volume and give you fuller-looking lips.

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, the Eudelo Plump and Revive Lip Booster (£649) might be what you’re looking for. Far from trout-pout llers, this pain-free treatment injects a mixture of your own blood and hyaluronic acid into the lips for instantly plumped yet natural esults. Scarlett Johansson, eat your heart out! Your perfected pout should stay put for around four months.

Read our review of Eudelo’s lip fillers for more information on the treatment. 

Make-up magic 

Those clever make-up artists have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to give you dream lips.

“Apply a lip liner that’s a little darker than your lipstick,” suggests make-up artist Gina Badhen. “This creates a subtle 3D effect that makes lips look plumper.”

“Use a highlighter to outline the top lip as well as your cupid’s bow – it creates the illusion of bringing the lips forward. “Lastly, make your lipstick gradually lighter in the centre as this makes lips appear fuller,” she continues. “Apply lipstick to the entire lip, then add a slightly lighter shade or a shimmery gloss in the centre of both your top and bottom lips, blending with a brush.”


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