How to quickly get rid of a sore spot

Got a big spot brewing just in time for your wedding day? Here's how to get rid of it overnight!


Uh-oh, you wake up a few days before your wedding and detect an angry lump under the surface of your skin… and you just know it will erupt into a raging red pimple in time for your big day. But don’t worry, we know all the best remedies to banish that blemish in no time.



Wrap some ice in a piece of cloth and hold it against your spot for a few seconds at a time. It will reduce the redness and swelling of your blemish, making it look smaller straight away. Plus, it will improve the circulation in that area, helping your skin to do its thing and heal up more quickly.


Rather than swallowing this well-known anti-inflammatory, applying a crushed tablet directly to your spot will shrink the little blighter more quickly. Mix the crushed pill with a little bit of water to form a paste, and rinse it off after 15 minutes max.


Chlorine has a drying effect, so while it normally isn’t great for healthy skin and hair, it’s good news for your sore and swollen spot! Take up swimming as your new pre-wedding exercise regime if you want to shrink that pimple – just take extra care to use conditioner and moisturiser to keep the rest of you hydrated.


This antiseptic healing cream is a little pot of wonder. Sunburn, shaving rashes, cuts and of course spots will all heal up far more quickly with a regular dab of this. Layer it on thickly overnight for maximum effect.

White vinegar

Vinegar is a natural drying antiseptic, so dilute it to three parts water and dab the solution on your spot for an overnight miracle.

Black tea

As a natural astringent, tea will tighten up and dry your skin – exactly what you need when it comes to swollen spots. It works quickly too, so there’s no need for a melodrama if you break out right before your wedding. Just dip a teabag into warm (not boiling) water for a few minutes, then dab the wet bag onto the problem area.

Shop-bought spot treatments


There are so many on the market, it’s all about finding the one that works for your skin. Clinique’s Anti Blemish Clearing Gel does the trick if you can feel a spot about to erupt. Just dab it on before you go to bed and don’t moisturise that area to give it chance to dry out.