How to relieve pre-wedding stresses

Keep calm and carry on with these ten quick and easy tips

Photography by Chiara Romagnoli

Pressure? What pressure? Planning a wedding is a breeze – so long as you keep in mind these ten tips for keeping calm and in control by Simon Bandy, health and nutrition expert at Health Plus.


1. Breathe deeply

Slowing and regulating your breathing promotes physical and mental balance, leading to a calmer state.

2. Eat well and stay hydrated

This has a great impact on blood sugar and energy levels as well as hormones, making it easier to think positive thoughts.

3. Prioritise tasks

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed but making a list, then prioritising tasks keeps a focus on what really matters.

4. Think positive

By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll focus on what’s gone right, rather than what’s gone wrong.

5. Be grateful for all you have

It’s easy to take things for granted or overlook small elements that add up to a bigger picture.

6. Do some exercise

This is crucial for keeping body and mind in balance.  Something as simple as going for a walk can create perspective and allow clearer thinking.

7. Get enough sleep

Losing sleep impacts on stress levels the following day.

8. Try some meditation

Just 20 minutes a day can help to clear your mind.  Pick a time when there are no other competing demands on you.

9. Take a warm relaxing bath

A speedy soother for both body and mind, lace it with a few drops of aromatherapy oil (lavender has especially calming properties).

10. Pop a daily supplement


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