How to use beauty products in the right order

Not sure when to apply your moisturiser, eye cream, serum and other skincare products? Read on for your how-to guide.

Nourished skin is essential for a natural glow, so it’s important to keep to a healthy skincare regime in the run-up to your wedding. 


However it’s sometimes tempting to simply lather on our favourite products without considering the order, meaning you miss out on the benefits. 

Here, Cherry Woods, luxury facialist at the Cherry Woods Skin Clinic in Richmond, shares her top tips for applying beauty products:

1. Cleanser: Apply to hands first and warm a little then apply to damp skin, to activate the emulsifying agents within the cleanser. Work well into the skin using as much full contact of hands/fingers as possible. Cleansing well takes a good 5 minutes before a cleansing agent can effectively emulsify and break-down all the fatty, sebaceous deposits in the pore. Remove well, do not leave any residue. 

2. Toner: For the majority of skin types, a toner may not be a priority product, however it is useful to use this step as your gentle exfoliation stage by choosing a toner with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which helps loosen dead skin cells and decongest blockages and blackheads. Apply your toner to damp cotton wool to allow your toner to go much further, as if you apply to dry cotton wool too much product gets absorbed into the cotton wool and little on your skin.

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3. Eye Cream: Always apply your eye cream or gel before the face moisturiser, because eye products have been specially formulated for the delicate, often sensitive eye area and face creams have not. Use just a tiny half a pea sized amount of your eye cream or gel and divide onto your ring fingers, then apply in the centre section just below the bottom lashes and half a fingertip down, tap and smooth a ‘C’ shaped semicircle finishing just below your brow bone. 

It’s a very common mistake to use far too much product, far too close to the eye. The eye area has no sebaceous glands and the tissue is thin, so anything you apply, even well below the eye area will be drawn up into and underneath the lash line. Long term application of oil rich eye creams, applied too close to the eye can result in an accumulation of rancid, oil rich product collecting in the tear duct, resulting in Possible dark circles and loose skin tissue, also known as eye bags.


4. Serum/Boosters: ‘Active’ boosters or serums are now a popular part of many people’s skincare regimes. If a serum is water based (feels cool, gel or milk like) then it must go on before your moisturiser, because it would have difficulty passing through a regular day cream. Apply a few pumps on your finger tips and straight to the skin in a light upward motion.  


5. Moisturiser/day cream/night cream: Applying far too much moisturiser is a common problem, and applying it in the wrong areas compounds the issue. Many ladies pump a whole load of moisturiser into their hands and then straight onto the centre panel of their face before blending outwards. 

Instead, try applying just three pumps into your hands and warm slightly. Then, follow these steps: Apply to your neck (and chest), then outer sides of face and cheeks, then lips and upper lips and then finally, with whatever is left, a quick touch on the forehead, nose then chin. In fact, if you have a very oily T-Zone, then apply it only in the morning.  



6. Primer: This is a must for brides on their special day to help make-up last as long as possible! Check instructions for your particular primer for tips on how to apply, as they are all different. Some are best suited to make-up sponge wedges, others brushes or fingers and some are even spray on. If you’re keen to use it to control shine, you must blot your moisturiser before you apply primer and you often have to wait a few minutes after you have applied the primer before you apply your base.