Lisa Eldridge wedding make-up tutorial

See make-up artist Lisa Eldridge re-create her beauty look for Jessica Biel which makes for perfect wedding make-up

Whether you’re a makeup fanatic who spends her life watching YouTube tutorials, or you’re a bare-faced beauty, your bridal makeup look is a big decision. Not only will it affect how you feel on the big day, but it will also be recorded forever on your wedding photographs.


To ensure that you get a look you’re happy with and strike the balance between a flawless finish and a natural look, we recommend that you spend plenty of time researching your big day beauty. It’s often said that on your wedding day you should ‘look like you, only better’, and we couldn’t agree more.

Your wedding day makeup look should be classic and not too trend-led, after all, you’ll be looking at your photos in many years to come and you don’t want to see a fad or temporary trend staring back at you. Of course, if a red lip or winged liner is part of your signature look, the we encourage you to incorporate them into your look. Basically, it’s all about looking like you.

When it comes to achieving that photo-flawless finish, celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. Working with hundreds of models and celebrities over the years, Lisa knows exactly how to achieve makeup that will look just as stunning on camera as it does in person.

Working with a wide range of products and brands, Lisa can recommend a host of miracle workers. Eldridge can also show you the right techniques, ensuring that you get the very best out of your w-day cosmetics.

In this video, she shows us how to create a look originally worn by Jessica Biel. It’s sophisticated, stunning and perfect for the big day. Makeup brushes at the ready!


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