Long-lasting lashes for your wedding and honeymoon

Lash Perfect lashes - so that's one less things to worry about on your big day!

Lash Perfect semi-permanent eyelashes

We love our lashes in the Y&YW office so when we were asked to try out Lash Perfect lashes so we could finish the day with a flutter, we jumped at the chance. Y&YW’s Rosie Price-Smith headed to the Space NK studio in Kensington, London to go under the tweezers…

I must admit, I was nervous about having semi-permanent eyelashes because I wondered what would happen when they did come out. Would my poor eyelashes suffer afterwards? Would they make me look like a drag queen? The answer was no…


I was adamant that I only wanted half a set of eyelashes (so that I didn’t walk back in to the office looking Jordan-esque) but I think I was a little too cautious and had I been going on my honeymoon, I would have got the full set to make the most of my lashes.

The process takes approximately 40 minutes for a half set and 90 minutes for a full set and once you get used to not being able to open your eyes, it really is quite relaxing.

Lying down on a massage bed, the therapist took off my make-up, soothed my eyes with gorgeous-smelling lotion and put a protective silicone pad under each eye (I think he was trying to do something about my bags too!). He then worked between both eyes attaching single fake lashes to my own lashes using a waterproof adhesive – and there’s no more than a mere tickling sensation.

Afterwards, my lashes looked visibly darker and fuller and perfect for a holiday by the pool. They’re 100% waterproof and give you that subtle hint of make-up without the dreaded panda eyes. It definitely gave me that extra glow in the morning!

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and mine lasted around 6 weeks – providing you use non-oil based make-up remover and mascara. And when you do put some (non-oil based) mascara on top, they look even more incredible – I certainly got noticed a bit more in the office!

Try them out a few months before your wedding to see how full you want them to look (we know there’s nothing worse than a panic the day before the big day) – I guarantee they’ll make an impact on your new husband!


A full set of Lash Perfect eyelash extensions costs from £80. For more info and to book an appointment go to lashperfect.co.uk