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Lush has released some rather naughty bath bombs for Valentine’s Day

Would you buy one of these of your fiancé?

If you got engaged at Christmas, this February will be your first Valentine’s Day as a fiancée, so it’s only natural you’ll want to treat your fiancé / fiancée to something extra romantic. But if you’re in saving mode for the wedding already, you’ll need a budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift.


Enter Lush, with their cheeky Valentine’s Day bath bombs.

First up are the emoji equivalents of pure naughtiness, the aubergine and the peach (if you don’t know why these are naughty, we suggest consulting any teenagers in your life…)

While they may be tongue in cheek, they’re still packed with the pampering properties Lush is known and loved for. The aubergine is scented with bergamot, fruity ho wood and litsea cubeba, while the peach one releases bursts of grapefruit, peach juice and sweet davana when dropped in the bath. Sounds fruity!

Other Lush faves are returning for Valentine’s Day too, including the big banana massage bar and the ever popular love boat bath bomb.


Will you be buying any of these for your partner this Valentine’s Day? They’re available now if you fancy buying him or her a fun gift!