Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson shares her fashion and beauty secrets

Known for her don't-let-him-treat-you-like-that honesty and enviable wardrobe, Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson has cemented her status in the fashion industry since she first hit the scene on the reality show. And it just so happens that we're pretty darn interested in what she has to tell us about her beauty regime. Click on to read her top tips and secrets. Then we can all look as good as her, right?

Lucy with boyfriend James

What are your beauty essentials?


I always carry a lipstick or lip salve with me to keep my lips hydrated. I also tend to bring my Witch Concealer Stick in case I have a blemish or if one appears, it’s great coverage but also fights the blemish to help get rid of it more quickly.

What are your top skincare and lifestyle tips for stressed out skin?

I think it’s important to get facials every two months to give your skin a seriously deep cleanse but in the meantime for every day I like to exfoliate my skin in the shower in the morning with Witch Exfoliating Face Wash.

We’ll have what she’s having, please

How do you help to counteract the effects of party season on the skin?

Do you have any tips for hiding a hangover if you’ve been overdoing it? It’s important to drink lots of water before you go to sleep after a night out to help counteract the hangover and also keep your skin hydrated. Sleep is important too.

What’s the biggest beauty mistake you’ve ever made?

I never used to prime/moisturise my face before applying make-up but now I know this is really important as it avoids the make up getting in to your pores.

Does your skincare regime change in the winter months?

My skin has a tendency to get very dry in the winter months so I tend to moisturise twice a day. I also drink more water to keep it hydrated.

Always selfie-ready

What are your top tips for taming hair in autumn/winter? 

Use as little heat on your hair as possible as it will be dry already and if you need to style with heat always use a heat protecting spray. I also like to leave a mask on my hair, Michael Van Clarke do a really good one.

What are your top tips for getting a good night’s beauty sleep?

I like to have a relaxing bubble bath with some lavender before I go to sleep.

What do you do to pamper/relax?

When I really want to relax I like to organise a back massage at Harrods and maybe a facial.

Do you have any exfoliating tips for the face and body?

I think exfoliating is great so long as you moisturise thoroughly afterwards.

What are your tips for clear-looking, dewy skin?

I keep my skin clear by using Witch Blemish Gel if ever I get a blemish; this helps them disappear more quickly. I also tend to avoid wearing too much make up, less is more and helps your skin to look clean.

What are your favourite winter wardrobe items?

I love faux fur coats and staple black boots that go with everything.

Lucy and her pet pooch

What are your favourite high street and designer fashion brands?

My favourite high street brands have to be Urban Outfitters and All Saints. I love Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent.

Do you have any money-saving fashion tips?

Most high street brands copy the designers so just make sure you check them out before splurging.

What’s your favourite party season make-up and fashion look? 

I love a red lip for parties and a faux fur coat over a cute mini dress for the evening.

Who in the MIC cast spends the most money on their skincare regime and who loves a bargain?


I think Louise likes to buy the nicest most expensive products. And not sure any of them are ones for bargains.