Bridal makeup

Make-up tips for brides getting married abroad

Getting married abroad? Then make sure you watch our essential melt-proof make-up tips to help you get a gorgeous beach bride glow.

Wedding days are long, from the moment you pose for your first few pictures in the bridal suite until the very last dance, you need to be feeling fresh and looking your best. That’s why good wedding makeup is so important.


Ordinarily, makeup artists have a tried and tested formula that they use on brides to keep them looking flawless all-day long. If you’re getting married abroad, you’ll need to tweak that formula to ensure it gets through the extra challenges that come with hotter temperatures.

While thinking of sweaty foreheads and melting mascara may not feel glamorous, considering these issues early on will ensure you look glamorous for your entire day. The techniques and products you usually employ to stop your makeup from budging and keep it looking fresh, may not cut it for your wedding abroad and so it’s important that you listen to the professionals and create a weather-proof look you love.

Although all brides getting hitched abroad have the need for staying power in their makeup in common, you may not all want the exact same look. For boho weddings on the beach, you may be looking to create that perfect, ‘no makeup makeup’ look and for brides saying ‘I do’ in a glamorous harbour-side setting, you may be craving red-carpet drama.

Luckily, makeup artist Susannah, has created three looks for us. Each look is unique and the elements can be mixed and matched, providing plenty of options for all kinds of brides. From smoky eyes, to a light shimmer and from nude lips to pink gloss, you’ll love these pretty and photo-flawless makeup looks.


Visit your local beauty counter and treat yourself to some new products (don’t forget to arm yourself with the right tools, too!) and give Susannah’s looks a try. Keep it on all day if you can, so you can see how it looks in different lights and make sure you get your ‘maid’s opinions, too!