Mother of the bride beauty special – make-up secrets

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mother of the bride beauty

‘If like me you have short lashes add extra drama and oomph by applying fine, single false eye lashes to the outer corners of my upper eyelids ‘-  Barbara Daly.


‘I like lip gloss but most don’t give the definition and oomph we all need as we get older. Draw on extra definition by using a matching lip liner applying it in light strokes to the very edge of your lip line. Blurring it with your finger to create a soft edge and the illusion of fuller lips’ – Barbara Daly.

‘Choose finely milled face powder like Clinique Transparent Loose Powder, it knocks off shine but doesn’t sit in the pores, ageing you by five years’ – Ciona Johnson.

‘I bring out the blue of my eyes by using a cool grey shadow all over my eyelid taking a smidgen along my lower lash line for extra impact. I then apply a slate grey eye liner along both lash lines to make my eyes look bigger’  – Ciona Johnson.

‘I’ve got pigmented skin all over my cheeks, so evening out the tone without looking like I’m wearing a mask is crucial. I blend the perfect colour with my own Conceal & Contour Palette, £18, that I designed for this, building up a few fine layers with a sponge then blending in with cool fingers for an even, untraceable finish’ – Ariane Poole.

‘To make your eye lashed look thicker and fuller, you need to apply mascara to the very base of your lash roots. Do this by looking down into a mirror so you can properly see the roots, place the mascara brush right into them and wiggle it through the entire lash from root to tip’ – Ariane Poole.

‘Make sure your under eye concealer contains light diffusing particles. The concealer cream and pigments will even out skin ton  and camouflage under eye circles and the light diffusing particles will blur lines, wrinkles and bags’ – Lee Pycroft.

‘For the most natural bloom, use a cream blusher and apply it carefully with a foundation brush (I use Ruby & Millie’s Cheek Brush). I’ve tried every technique to fake naturally glowing cheeks and this is the best way by far. It gives a perfectly blended finish’ – Lee Pycroft


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