New Jane Packer bridal fragrance

Y&YW's Beauty Editor, Sarah Green, gives you the fragrant lowdown on wedding day perfumes

Jane packer fragrance

How to choose a wedding fragrance


Many a hopeful gaze followed a lush hand-tied bouquet of red roses through our office today and guess what – they landed on my desk! No, they weren’t from ‘Him’ but from florist-to-the-famous Jane Packer. Tucked alongside were her rules on choosing the perfect wedding fragrance which I thought I’d share so here goes…

Rule no1: Your perfume should match your personality

‘What do you want to project on your wedding day? Confidence? Femininity? Boldness? Subtlety? Wear a fragrance that’s a true reflection of yourself.’

Rule no2: Layer your fragrance to stop it fading and spritz all over!

‘Use complimentary body products to ensure the scent doesn’t disappear as the day goes on. And instead of just spritzing in the obvious neck and wrist pulse points, apply your fragrance to the inside of your elbows as well as the backs of your knees and your hair.’

Rule no3: Don’t play matchy-matchy with your fragrance and the venue

‘You reflect your own personality and so let the venue speak for itself too. Steer clear of strong overpowering floral arrangements for tables; go for subtle and delicate scents instead.’


The Jane Packer Fragrance Collection includes eau de parfum, bath milk, body cream and scented candles in five different flower combos. Our favourites: Gardenia, Cedarwood and Patchouli (soft and pretty) and Red Roses, Black Violet and Cyclamen (subtly sensual.) £45 each from johnlewis.com