Nicky Hambleton-Jones’ Wedding Beauty Tips

Look and feel your best on your Big day

Nicky Hambleton-Jones talks bridal beauty tips

We couldn’t get enough of her fabulising talents in 10 Years Younger (radiant skin, so-now hair and make-up and years off our look? Yes please!) – but nowadays there’s no more waiting until next week’s episode for our anti-ageing fix, since Nicky Hambleton-Jones has launched her own website, lookandfeelyounger.tv. We roped the looking-good guru into spilling the beans (super food?) on the best tips and tricks for getting gorgeous in time for our Big day…


You Are What You Eat

We know, we know – our five a day and the odd oily fish will help keep us on the right side of the scales. But how do they fire up our hotness? “Feeding your skin from the inside will give your complexion a wonderful boost,” Nicky explains. “Dark-skinned fruit such as blueberries will make a real difference, as they’re packed with antioxidants, which are fantastic at fighting the free radicals that break down the collagen we need to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.”

So what’s on the menu for a beauty-boosting dinner? “Up your vitamin C levels with a portion of broccoli and get in your skin-plumping omega three with some salmon – it’s a real skin-saver,” Nicky suggests. “And don’t forget your H20! Water not only hydrates but helps detox and prevent a tired and lacklustre look.” We reckon that’s recipe for tastiness in more ways than one…

Skin Deep

Between the chair covers and the seating plans, we’re up to our ears in wedmin – but Nicky says our skin will thank us for swapping some of those Big-day menus for beautifying minutes: “Adopt a good skincare routine,” she says. “Remove old make-up at night to keep pores clean, and treat yourself to a decent eye cream to ward off fine lines. Always protect your skin from unnecessary sun exposure during the day too, with a good SPF.”

Even the royals are getting in on the lotions-and-potions act: “Try to invest in oxygen-infused products, such as Karin Herzog’s Oxygen Infused Face Cream (shop.karinherzog.co.uk),” says Nicky. “Oxygen is one of those magical ingredients that is amazing at detoxing your complexion – it will even out your skin tone and brighten it considerably, and I hear Kate Middleton is a fan!”

Fountain of Youth

Hands up who’s cried ‘Botox!’ at one celeb or another as they’re papped one minute looking their age, the next with so-smooth skin? But is the controversial fake-it-to-make-it filler one to copy or quit? “Botox is a great way to soften the lines on the forehead,” according to Nicky. “You could combine it with a new treatment called Pelleve that is amazing at stimulating new collagen. These non-invasive procedures minimise fine lines without you resorting to more drastic methods.”

But if it sounds like a step for you, it’s not one to be taken lightly: “Get researching!” Nicky advises. “Only ever use a tried and tested practitioner, and do it a few months before your wedding – no-one wants to end up looking scary rather than stunning…”

New You

Whether it’s that bit of Botox, a chic cropped haircut or whole new hair hue you’re toying with, keep Nicky’s need-to-knows in mind before you take the plunge: “While I advocate reinventing your style and examining your skincare regime, it’s not a good idea to start experimenting close to the day itself,” she warns. “If it’s your hair colour you’re thinking of changing, visit a salon that offers a colour consultancy service – there, trained hair experts will know whether your skin tone and eye colour will benefit from a different shade. And beware of anything permanent with harsh chemicals – it will strip your hair of all its goodness and leave it dull and matte, plus there’s no going back without lots of visits to the hairdressers!”

As for the cut, if the Big day’s drawing near, consider the safer option: why not try out something in a clever up-do instead? “Try different styles in the weeks beforehand,” Nicky advises. “You’ll need to discover what flatters your face and your wedding dress’ neckline.”

The Natural Look

So our skin’s looking stunning inside and out, and we’ve brushed up on our hairstyling skills – next stop, princess-pretty make-up: “Don’t overload your skin with too much make-up,” says Nicky. “Keep the overall look fresh and natural, use a light-reflecting foundation and apply a gentle flush of colour over the cheeks using pale peach or apricot tones.”

And the perfect pout for that ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment? “Inject a bit of colour with the right shade of lipstick,” Nicky advises. “Not only will it add a touch of glamour, but it should also help make your teeth look whiter.”

As for that right-now flash of bright eyeshadow or slick of sharp eyeliner – look ahead before you leap. “Remember fashion-forward make-up will date, and you’ll want to keep your photos forever,” Nicky points out. “Instead, aim for a classic, timeless, polished finish.”

Cool as a cucumber

Smoochable lips, flickable hair and blindingly glowy skin at the ready, there’s just one more thing we want to know: Nicky’s failsafe, number one tip for maintaining our stunner status from the wedding march to the honeymoon.

“A true beauty icon is someone who looks comfortable in their own skin – think of Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren as women for whom confidence is key to looking good,” Nicky spills, “so relax and enjoy yourself!”


Snap up more ideas for that top-to-toe perfect bridal look at Nicky’s website, lookandfeelyounger.tv. And make a date now for our live webchat with Nicky on the Y&YW forums, 19 April, 1-2pm…