REVIEW: Lash Lift at Lash Perfect Beauty Bar

Want beautifully natural and voluminous lashes without risking mascara spillage on your big day? Y&YW's Molly heads to Soho to see if a lash lift is a worthwhile w-day investment

When it comes to your wedding beauty prep, it’s easier than ever to indulge in products and appointments to help you feel beautiful and confident on the big day. From flowing hair extensions to glowing teeth whitening treatments, there’s a world of opportunity out there should you want to enhance your natural beauty.


When it comes to the framing the eyes, false eyelashes, lash extensions and magical mascaras are all on hand to create the effect you desire, with lash lifts – a semi-permanent lash enhancement treatment lasting between 6-8 weeks – a beauty trend we’ve been hearing a lot about recently at Y&YW HQ. I headed to Lash Perfect Beauty Bar to trial the treatment and see if it lived up to the hype. 

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The treatment is safe and takes up to 45 minutes

I’ve always coveted long, luscious lashes. My own eyelashes are long but quite thin, so take copious layers of mascara to achieve the look I dream of, which often means risking clumpy hairs or smudges should I touch them across the day. I’ve tried eyelash extensions in the past as part of my quest for celeb-worthy lashes, but as a serial-fidgeter, found myself picking at them and panicking about uneven hairs. Extensions are perfect for girls who want to really transform their eyes, but they do need to be looked after and combed to stay neat and tidy. As someone who is quite low-maintenece (read: lazy) with my beauty routine, the idea of a treatment only using my natural lashes was extremely attractive, so the opportunity to try a lash lift was too good to miss.

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I arrived at Lash Perfect Beauty Bar in Soho with mascara already on – which is a real no-no pre-treatment. If possible arrive au natural, although the beauticians are on hand to help remove all product from around the eyes before they begin. The next step was choosing my curl: did i want the super curved C-curl or the more natural J? I opted for the J for my first time, but if you’re a bride who wants slightly more impact then don’t be afraid to go for the C-curl – as the treatment is only using your own lashes the risk of ending up looking OTT is near on impossible. 

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Photo: Lash Perfect Beauty Bar

Lying back on the treatment bed having promised to keep my eyes shut for up to 45 minutes I felt at ease and happy – it’s the ideal treatment for girls who want to be pampered with minimum effort on their part. A rubber pad was applied to my upper lash line, followed by a softening serum and finally a lash lotion to set the curl in place.

After around 20 minutes the lash lotion was removed by the beautician and I was delighted by the results – fluttering, natural looking lashes that enhanced my eyes rather than overpowering them. I was advised to keep my lashes dry for at least 24 hours (so definitely book in for a few days before the wedding to avoid any teary moments ruining your look!) and left over the moon with my dreamy lashes.

Photo: Lash Perfect Beauty Bar

The treatment promises to last up to 8 weeks, and 6 weeks in my lashes still only need a quick slick of mascara to look incredible – eyelash curlers are no longer a necessity! For brides honeymooning soon after the wedding day this is ideal, as your lashes will look gorgeous throughout the holiday with next to no effort – meaning more time to relax and celebrate. 

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Lash Lift at Lash Perfect Beauty Bar, £42, 9 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5LY