REVIEW: Murad Facial at Blush + Blow

Y&YW's Molly heads to Blush + Blow in Fulham with the aim of giving her skin a much needed beauty boost

It’s been a long, hot summer. I’m not complaining – and I’m sure any brides getting married this time next year are dreaming of a repeat – but my skin has definitely suffered for all of this fun in the sun. Longer nights mean less sleep, world cup fever (and my general love of a rooftop bar) have equalled too much alcohol and not enough water, while the usual whizzing round the city has left my skin dull and tired.


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The cool interior at Blush + Blow

With my cousins wedding just a week away and a girls holiday to Ibiza looming, I’ve been feeling a little low about the state of my skin, so headed to Blush + Blow in Fulham for a Murad Facial. The website promises ‘instant results that help to boost complexion and radiance’ – just the ticket. 

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Having heard from my Editor-at-Large how positive her Glycolic Peel had been at Blush + Blow, I had high hopes about my own treatment. The salon was plush and busy, with their ever so Instagrammable neon sign glowing wonderfully and chic furnishings fulfilling all of my aesthetic needs. 

Plush furnishings to being your experience in style

After filling in a questionnaire so the facial could be adapted to suit me,  I headed downstairs to the treatment rooms with in-house skin guru Raimonda, who instructed me to take off my make-up and shirt (as your décolletage will be focused on too) and rest on the bed. The room was dark and I felt instantly at ease as Raimonda began to work her magic on my face. 

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I received a thorough cleanse, then glycolic acid was applied and left on my skin, which caused a tingling sensation that while perhaps wasn’t the most relaxing, assured me that the process was working. Extraction followed this – a full removal of any pesky blackheads on my nose that needed a little extra help were nudged out by Raimonda.

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Before you panic thinking this facial is more pain than gain (‘acid’ and ‘extraction’ don’t scream pamper after all), the initial process is followed by a hyaluronic acid mask to sooth, firm and plump the skin, with the aim of a youthful and radiant complexion.

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Although the process was quite complicated, my therapist was careful not to overload me with too much beauty jargon, meaning I understood and appreciated what she was doing to my skin. Finishing the facial with a Vitamin A mask (essentially retinol, the anti-ageing ingredient that’s about as close to a skincare miracle as you’ll find), I felt relaxed and ready to drop off for a nap in the blissful treatment room.

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Pickles, Blush + Blow’s resident pooch

Once the facial was complete I felt apprehensive, but after spotting my skin in the mirror the difference was instantly clear. While my face might not have been glowing, it was definitely clear, plump, perky, and beautifully smooth – just the revitalisation that I’d hoped for.

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On my way out I learnt that the salon is dog-friendly and home to gorgeous Pickles, who’s more than happy to have a little cuddle. A sweet pup and nourished skin, that even two weeks later looks healthy? Now that’s the type of beauty treatment I’ll be returning for!

For more information or to book a Murad Facial, visit the website or call 0207 7360430

Blush + Blow,

197 New Kings Road,