Salon review: Gina Conway

Because it's not just as simple as pointing at a picture and having the perfect hairstyle...


It’s only when you get exactly what you ask for at the hairdresser that you realise how rarely it happens. And a so-you style that makes you want to swish your hair is so important on the lead up to your big day.


I recently had my hair done at Gina Conway in Fulham, asking for the best style to suit me and my face shape. My stylist talked through each stage, checking I was happy as we went, giving me the opportunity to comment on anything I wasn’t expecting – we’ve all been there, when your requested two inches turns into five!  

By the end, it was exactly what I’d asked for – a face-framing Bardot-esque fringe and a natural-looking sun-kissed colour.

To ensure you get the most out of your hair trial, we caught up with Gina Conway herself… 

1. How can you make sure you get the perfect hairstyle for your day? 

Know yourself and your personal style. It’s no good wearing a hairstyle that’s effectively wearing you! You want to feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable as this day is all about you; think about a realistic hairstyle that’s achievable and will last all day and night. 

2. What’s the best way to convey your hairstyle idea to your hairdresser? 

Always bring photos and inspiration boards if you have them (Pinterest is a particularly helpful website). I always ask clients to bring the pictures of themselves in their wedding dresses and any hair pieces to the initial consultation, so we can plan around that. Remember the wedding album analogy – what may seem trendy now, is going to be dated in years to come. Opt for classic styles for photos that you can look back on and not cringe! 

3. How should you wear your hair to the salon for your hair trial? 

Wash your hair the night before without any products. Let your hairstylist see your hair in its natural state. Hair has better grip and staying power if it’s a little dirty. I’d suggest visiting your stylist and therapist initially six months before the big day – they’ll be able get a skin and hair plan together for you, that way you know how long you’ll need to grow your hair, fix your colour and get your skin in optimum condition. 

4. What should you tell your hairdresser about yourself and your day? 

Let your hairdresser know your plans for the day; will you be dancing? Does your hair stay in curls usually? Does it frizz in humidity? Your stylist will then be able to plan a style taking everything into consideration. 

5. Which is the best product to invest in for wedding-worthy hair? 

Invest in an expensive-looking colour. You want your hair to enhance your complexion and look healthy. If you get it done cheaply or at home, you can make costly mistakes that will take a long time – and a lot of money – to correct, causing you unnecessary stress. I’d also recommend investing in a great hairspray to keep with you during the day – I love Aveda’s Control Force Hairspray as it gives a super strong hold and as it’s humidity resistant. And it will keep your hair from the big frizz in typical British weather. 


To book an appointment head to ginaconway.co.uk. Did we mention they come with a free hand massage?