Seven beauty resolutions every bride-to-be should stick to

If the big proposal came your way over Christmas, whilst you’re buzzing with excitement, a little part of you may already be feeling anxious about carrying off your role as The Bride

Photography by Craig Fordham

The new year and your new engagement is the perfect time to trade in past bad beauty habits for new-you resolutions that will transform you into the most beautiful B2B. Here goes….


Resolution 1: Remove your make-up every evening
As any dermatologist will tell you (and in my job I get to speak to a lot of them) cleansing is absolutely crucial for clear, radiant skin. Otherwise, a build-up of make-up and free radicals (toxins from traffic fumes, germs on your mobile, the sun, second-hand smoke etc) can lead to clogged pores, premature ageing and a generally dull, pale complexion. Wash your face sooner rather than later, i.e. before you’re too tired to be bothered or keep some cleansing wipes on your bedside table for emergency purposes. Try Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel, £21.

Resolution 2: Wear an SPF every day
Wearing a sunscreen everyday, even on the cloudy ones (and we get a lot of those) is non-negotiable if you plan to sashay down the aisle a picture of radiance. It will protect against unwelcome new pre-wedding wrinkles and help fade existing fine lines. Choosing a moisturiser that’s laced with spf is the simplest way to incorporate it into your daily beauty regime. We can’t recommend Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF30, £25 highly enough. 

Resolution 3: Treat your hair
You may already have some idea of how you want to wear your hair on your wedding day. in a chignon, a Great Gatsby graduated bob, cascading waves that even Rosie H-W would covet… Whatever style you go for, it’ll look a lot more luxe if your hair is in optimum condition. Regular salon treatments combined with 5 minute weekly doses of deep conditioner at home will ensure enviable strength and shine (particularly essential if you’ll be playing around with colour). Try Richard Ward Couture Hair Wheat Nutrient Masque, £23.

Resolution 4: Take care of your hands
Don’t spoil the wow-factor of that new diamond on your ring finger (soon to be paired with a wedding band) with torn cuticles, broken nails and rough skin. Get into the habit of massaging cuticle oil at night and use a handcream at every opportunity. If you’re a nail biter (and who can blame you with so much to organise) try a gel manicure. You’ll get long-lasting chip-free colour with no opportunity to nibble, plus your nails will still grow underneath. With Nailene’s Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish Starter Kit, from £60 you’ll be able to keep up this salon-expensive habit for a fraction of the price at home.

Resolution 5: Stick to your body goals
In the January/February issue of You & Your Wedding (on sale now) we review loads of different ways to help you achieve your dream body in time for the big day – the latest classes for seasoned gym bunnies, home workout methods for gym-phobes plus lots of motivational tips from trainers, life coaches and even hypnotherapists. Scientists say that it takes 21 days for your brain to form a new habit – use your big day, not to mention your dream dress, as your motivation and go for it!

Resolution 6: Try a new make-up look
Whether you’re planning to take on your own wedding make-up or call in the services of a professional, you’ll want your W-day look to be special. Make counter appointments with the likes of Illamasqua, MAC and Bobbi Brown, turning up each time wearing make-up the way you like it. It’ll show your artist the kind of colours you like and how heavy you’re willing to go because it’s important that come the big veil reveal, you still look like you.


Resolution 7: Sniff out a new scent
The run-up to getting married is all about making decisions. Obviously you made the right choice about the “Big One” (i.e. you said yes!) but another major decision is which fragrance you’ll wear on your wedding day. As many a perfumer has told me, future squirts of your wedding scent will evoke stronger memories of your day more so than the photos. An obvious choice for weddings is a floral fragrance and good news, they’re 2013’s top trend so you’ll have lots to choose from. Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT, from £45 (boots.com) has been around for a while now but is still big hit for B2Bs. If you want something brand new, sniff out Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs, from £99 (01420 489700).