Should I get a new perfume for my wedding day?

All your wedding fragrance questions answered by Amanda Morgan, Managing Director of Diptyque UK.

Photo | Diptyque

Do you find that brides tend to choose a new fragrance for their wedding day? 
Many brides choose to purchase a new fragrance for their wedding. Fragrance is linked to memory and brides want a unique fragrance that will take them back to this special day in a just a couple of sprays of their chosen scent. They also want it to set them apart so they won’t smell like anyone else. Your scent on your special day should complement your dress and your personality, you need to be 100% comfortable on this special day.



How can a bride layer fragrance to create something unique?
For such a special occasion, you may want to ‘enhance’ your already favourite perfume. This can be achieved by layering with another fragrance that has some similar key notes. For example if a favourite perfume was a rose or floral based scent, try layering it with a greener, more herbal scent for the daytime, which will make it more fresh, or a more woody scent that could make it quite romantic for evening. Diptyque Do Son (tuberose floral) with Tam Dao (woody sandalwood) is a seductive, yet romantic combination.

What is the process of a fragrance fitting at Diptyque? What factors do you take into consideration when you are offering a fragrance fitting to a bride?
We start by introducing single notes through our candle range. We select a few from each family (woody, floral, spicy…) and see which ones the bride tends to go towards without telling them what the scents are. We all have pre-conceived ideas of what we do and don’t like and a fragrance fitting is a great way to re-discover scents we had maybe cast aside. After this ‘blind test’ we get a more precise idea of which fragrances will best suit the customer and we introduce a selection of 3 to 4 eau de toilettes we believe will win their heart (or nose!).


Do certain scents work better with different textures of bridal dress – for example, satin, silk or chiffon?
Scents can be described in colours and textures, so a fragrance could be chosen to match the fabric and style of wedding dress. For example a really creamy soft oriental scent would match the silk feel of a silk gown. If there were beading a more sparkly vibrant scent could be chosen.

And what about candles? Do location, season and theme factor?
Of course these elements matter but most importantly the scent needs to reflect the couple’s personality. Some choose to only burn candles during the ceremony while others will burn them throughout the day. If you choose to burn scented candles during dinner always make sure you choose a scent that isn’t overpowering and won’t interfere with the food. A fresh herbal such as a green mint or coriander on the tables is always a good choice as the scent will blend smoothly. It’s also nice to burn a candle or two in the bathrooms with a bright freesia in the ladies and zesty verveine in the men’s; this adds an elegant touch that your guests will notice.


Can candles be layered to create a distinct and unique fragrance at weddings? How best would you advise to go about layering scents?
Yes absolutely. You can easily layer two to three different candles to create a more bespoke scent. Some brides will choose to match the scent of their wedding bouquets with for instance a lovely blend of roses, lily of the valley and freesia, whilst others will decide to burn candles to compliment the venue- think freshly cut hay and quince for a countryside wedding. Like for the rest of your wedding remember that scent needs to suit your personality, not the other way around.

Should you carry the same scent through from your bridal scent to your table decorations and room spray or should you mix them to create more of a bouquet?
Your wedding day is completely personal, so it depends on your own style choices, and whether you favour all elements complementing each other or a more eclectic approach, with many different materials and styles. It’s the same notion with layering scent, it totally depends on your personality. I would recommend the table setting fragrances to compliment the food – nothing worse than trying to eat a delicate dish when you have an intense scented candle burning on the table!