Spa review: Thai Square Spa pollen facials

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WHERE: Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden


THE VIBE: A luxurious hideaway tucked into the middle of London. Once you set foot in the spa you’re immediately transported to a blissful and beautiful picture of South-East Asia. 

BEST BRIDE-TO-BE TREATMENT: The Seven Pollen Facial uses a secret blend of seven Thai herbal flowers, which are applied to the skin using a combination of gentle traditional Thai-style massage techniques. The treatment is guaranteed to balance, relax and restore a healthy glow to your skin. Although the treatment is mainly concentrated on the face, you’ll receive a delicious foot massage and scrub while you sip on some herbal tea. Any knots in your shoulders will also be attended to as you slip away into a world of your own. It might come as a surprise, but this pollen-based treatment is suitable for sufferers of hay fever – trust us, we checked. 

BEST AMENITY: The spa really does transport you into a new world and allows you to forget about the bustling streets filled with London shoppers. The intricate décor and calming aesthetics are enough to transform you into the epitome of relaxation before you’ve even had your treatment. And the best thing is that you can pop in here on your lunch break!


LOCATION: Slap bang in the middle of Covent Garden, Thai Square Spa is conveniently located for that girly day out in London with your maids. 

PHONE: 020 7240 6090


WEBSITE: thaisquarespa.com