The best living room workouts to get wedding-dress fit

Online fitness videos and classes to get you toned in the comfort of your home.

Image: Sweaty Betty

The problem with going to the gym? Actually going to the gym. It’s just so easy to come up with reasons to give that spinning class a swerve – you’re exhausted after work; you’re exhausted before work; it’s cold outside; it’s hot outside. The solution: at-home exercise.


Fitness DVDs are great for this, but if you’re looking for more variety (that is, you’ve watched yours so often you can talk along with the instructor), online workouts are an excellent option. You get the benefits of a real-life class – easy-to-follow demonstrations and instructions – with the added advantage of being able to hop straight into your own shower afterwards. Result!

If you’re keen on cardio, the Les Mills On Demand video subscription service should push your fitness buttons. Expect plenty of Bodypump classes on the schedule  – after all, Les Mills is the man who invented the wildly popular whole-body weights workout. However, your monthly £9.95 will give you access to a range of other classes, too, including dance- and martial arts-based workouts. There are introductory ‘learn the moves’ videos, so beginners don’t get lost, as well as suggested exercise programmes for different fitness levels.

For free fitness, check out the small but perfectly formed selection of videos at Sweaty Betty, which includes a workout devised by A-lister favourite Barry’s Bootcamp.

Image: Yoga Gym

For a tailored approach, try The Model Method. After an online consultation, you get a personalised 6-week plan, including video workouts that you can use from any device and recipes for healthy eating (£120). 

Big on ballet? Barrecore online gives you unlimited online workouts that fuse aerobics and Pilates to give you a physique and posture Darcey Bussell would be proud of. You can also have private sessions via Google Hangout or Skype (£45 per session).


To tone up and de-stress, take the Yoga Gym course. You start by buying the book (Bloomsbury, 12.99), which introduces you to over 150 poses, before signing up for your preferred online course (Fat Loss, Happy & Healthy or Buff & Bendy), with video workouts and meal plans.