The sound bath: a solution for stressed out brides

We experience a crystal bowl sound bath

If guest list dilemmas and hen party woes have got you stressing, you probably could do with a bit of ‘me’ time. The latest trend in the wonderful world of wellness is sound baths so we thought we’d give one a go…


First things first, what actually is a sound bath?! Clue: there’s no water or rubber duckies involved. It’s a meditation/relaxation experience where you are soothed by sounds. The Crystal Sound Lounge do classes with gongs and crystal bowls and we arrived late one Sunday evening for a crystal bowls experience.

It was a cold, bitter night and it has just started to snow, so I was pleased with the warm refuge of the Crystal Sound Lounge. They already had the lights dimmed and I felt instantly zen as I walked in.


…and relax

The room was filled with yoga mats – each equipped with a blanket and pillow. As soon as everyone was in the room, we were told to make ourselves comfortable. While at first you do feel like you’ve rocked up to a sleepover, once you’re settled, you do forget about everyone around you. Just be warned – don’t find a spot next to a snorer if you can help it, as it’s so relaxing people do actually nod off!

For me, it took a while to switch off, with thoughts of my working week ahead whirling around in my mind it was around 15 minutes before the sound of the bowls calmed me fully. It’s a strange sensation when you feel the intriguing sounds take over from your busy thoughts, but I really enjoyed it. I left the session feeling very mindful and reflective and I’m definitely going to book in again – perhaps for a gong experience next time.

If you lead a hectic life and wedding planning is adding to that stress, a sound bath session is definitely what you need. Here’s a sneak peek at our session:

The video features Chai Francesco playing the Crystal bowls.


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