Three ways to boost wedding weight loss

Work that wedding diet as your big day draws nearer...

Kickstart your fitness regime


Happy with how the wedding diet is going? If you’re planning to drop a few pounds in time for your big day, the best way to give your regime a kickstart is to up your exercise levels. Try a new activity to keep interest levels high and you’ll soon find yourself toning up and losing weight ready to wow your guests when you marry. Why not try…


Power Plate


If you’re looking for fast results in a short timescale, give Power Plate a whirl. Each session lasts just 25 minutes, so perfect for a lunch hour workout. Join a small class to ensure personal attention from your instructor – this is one class where you need to get the movements just right. You perform exercises while standing on a vibrating platform – the vibrations transmit energy waves through your body, activating muscle contractions 25-50 times per second. Feels a bit weird at first – but you certainly feel you’ve worked that bod! Good Vibes Fitness recommends three sessions a week for six weeks on its Bikini Bootcamp program to blitz your shape. Visit Good Vibes for information.



If you find it hard to commit to scheduled exercise classes, the easiest way to up your metabolism and shed weight more quickly is hit the road. The only investment required is a good pair of trainers – visit a specialist shop to ensure you get some that suit your height, weight and gait. The key to success is to start gradually: try to run for a minute then walk for a minute; next time, run for two minutes, then walk for one minute. Take a day off between runs, and you’ll soon find your stamina increases. Aim for a minimum of three running sessions a week – but don’t be tempted to reward yourself by eating extra calories. Visit our sister site Runnersworld.co.uk for help on starting running.

Zone Cycling


Inspired by Olympian cyclists Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, adidas Zone Cycling is a new take on spinning – a high-cal burning cycling regime that you follow on fixed bikes in the gym. No need to wear a helmet, stop at traffic lights or expose your Lycra-clad thighs to the world in general. Led by an instructor, you cycle to music, feeling like an Olympic athlete. At least, that’s the theory! The great thing about adidas Zone Cycling is, you get a fabulous workout and burn loads of calories but can take the class at your own pace so it’s suitable for all levels of fitness. Visit www.davidlloyd.co.uk for information.

And what to wear…


Investing in new gym kit is a good way to boost your fitness motivation. Buy the kit then show it off! We like the range of gorgeous flexible fitness clothing from Asquith London, made from breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo and organic cotton. Special offer for Y&YW readers: 20% off all Asquith London clothing until end March 2011. To receive your discount, simply enter the code WEDDING20 into the promotional code box when ordering online at www.asquithlondon.com
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