Top 10 beauty fixes before you go on your honeymoon

Look gorgeous for your new husband...

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  1. A professional spray tan
  2. is a pre-holiday essential – it makes you feel so much more confident on your first day in a bikini and stops you overdoing the sunbathing in desperation for some colour. My favourites are St Tropez and Fake Bake which give a great orange-free colour.

  3. Give your face a bit of extra colour with St Tropez Rapide Face, £18. When skin looks bronzed and healthy, you’ll feel much happier about going bare-faced on the beach.
  4. A nails inc. manicure and pedicure with Everlasting Polish, from £110, is a great investment. It lasts for up to four weeks chip-free so you’ll look perfectly polished throughout your honeymoon.
  5. If you’re fair-haired, book into your salon for a lash tint – you’ll wake up looking naturally gorgeous and won’t have to worry about mascara smudging in the heat.
  6. Silky-smooth pins are a honeymoon must and having them waxed will save you faffing with a razor each morning. Just make sure you don’t book it after your spray tan or it will strip off the colour!
  7. If you want to come back with a great tan, step up your exfoliating regime before you go. I haven’t found anything which beats Dior Plasticity Body Beautifying Micro-peel, £32 – it comes with an exfoliating glove and leaves skin feeling like new.
  8. No 7 Protect & Perfect Pre-Holiday Body Treatment, £9, contains an anti-oxidant complex to help build your skin’s own defences against sun damage before you travel. It also has low levels of self tan in it so it’ll give your skin a bit of colour too. Available at boots.com
  9. If you’re having your hair coloured for your wedding, book your appointment for about two weeks before your honeymoon so that your colour has time to settle down before being bombarded with heat, salt and chlorine.
  10. To prepare hair for the ravages of a sun-soaked holiday, apply an intensive nourishing treatment once a week for a month before you go. Apply it in a steamy bath (the heat will help it to penetrate better) and leave it on for at least 15 minutes.
  11. Don’t forget to pack your beauty products in your suitcase, not your hand luggage. Anything over 100ml will be confiscated and you don’t want to have to rely on what’s in the hotel bathroom!