Top 10 men’s fragrances

Our top 10 new swoon-worthy scents

Scent with love


When it comes to shopping for your groom’s big day fragrance (and apparently a lot of wives-in-waiting do) there are two types of bride, reckons Roni Raithatha from The Fragrance Shop. “The first is the one who knows exactly what her husband-to-be is looking for and buys his signature scent as a treat for the big day. The second, is the bride who isn’t overly keen on her betrothed’s current fragrance choice and sees the wedding day as the perfect opportunity to introduce something new into his fragrance wardrobe!”


If that sounds familiar, maybe this little preview of our favourite new men’s scents will help you find his match made in fragrance heaven….

Photography by Clive Shalice

Ben Sherman


This scent starts fresh thanks to the citrus top notes mixed with mint, then subsides into something altogether more romantic, as ‘come hither’ wood and vanilla kicks in to leave a lasting impression. For me, it’s the perfect day-to-dancefloor scent.

From £25 for 50ml EDT, 0870 850 3868

David Beckham Homme


Okay, so if he’s an Arsenal supporter, chances are he won’t wear this one on principle. However, should he be able to see past the football pitch, this one is a real lady pleaser: an aromatic first hit is softened by woods and leather, giving way to an almost hypnotic end result based around patchouli. A definite ‘I do’ scent.

From £19.95 for 30ml EDT, debenhams.com

Bleu de Chanel


This one truly smells as good as it looks. An almost fizzy burst of citrus fruits, pink pepper and peppermint is calmed by cedar and jasmine before eau-so-seductive hints of frankincense and patchouli come through. Musky and 100% masculine. Just watch the bridesmaids.

From £42 for 50ml EDT, 020 7493 3836

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP For Him


A measure of vodka and frozen mint goes down well when he first splashes this exclusive sounding scent on, and after that comes an unusual earthiness via king wood, whatever that may be. Just like your H2B, I reckon this one’s a keeper!

From £37.50 for 50ml EDT, thefragranceshop.co.uk

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang


This fragrance is fresh, sharp and all man – just like your future husband. A cool citrus start develops into a warm, woody scent boasting sandalwood and cashmere. It’s a classic in the making with a subtle modern twist – and absolutely perfect for the biggest day of his life.

From £31 for 30ml EDT, thefragranceshop.co.uk

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza


Sparkling orange and lemon combine with aromatic herbs and soft flowers to create a clean, cosy first impression. Smooth mosses and a shot of intense patchouli then lead to a lingering, sophisticated smokiness. Add the art deco bottle and it oozes chic. He’ll love you even more for it.

From £48 for 50ml, 01932 233861

Gucci Guilty Intense


A heady citrus start courtesy of lemon, orange flower and aromatic lavender is sprinkled with patchouli and leather, all wrapped in a chic charcoal metallic bottle with the interlocking Gs. Seriously sexy, this one’s definitely got his name on it (and you can treat yourself to the eau-so-sexy women’s version at the same time!)

From £42 for 50ml EDT, thefragranceshop.co.uk

Emporio Armani Black Carat Homme


To me, this scent oozes class and sophistication – just like your man in his morning suit, we bet. Fresh, spicy and woody, it mixes bergamot and Szechuan pepper before sophisticated cocoa bean comes into play. The lasting impression is a sensual one courtesy of vetiver and we love it.

£46 for 50ml EDP, boots.com from mid September

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme YSL Cologne Gingembre


What is most attractive about this one is its unusualness. Yep, you can definitely sniff out the ginger, but then green and floral notes waft in over a musky base and what you’re left with is something classy and on just the right side of heady. It’s very elegant and you can guarantee he’ll stand out from the other men at the wedding.

£38 for 60ml, boots.com

Hugo Just Different


I’m calling this one a Venus Flytrap fragrance. Okay, so he’s already got his girl, but up at the altar, one whiff of this initially over-whelming burst of mint and freesia that’s quickly softened by warm amber, is guaranteed to knock you scents-less!

From £23 for 40ml EDT, thefragranceshop.co.uk

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