We try Lash Perfect for a flirty W-day flutter

These extensions promise to be the perfect beauty antidote for short, straight or fair natural lashes


I can’t admit to being a bride-to-be, but I was off to a friend’s wedding (with strict orders to deliver a good church reading during the ceremony) a couple of weeks ago and so I think that makes me a fair contender to try out London’s favourite falsies, Lash Perfect.


Opting for faux lashes for a special occasion is a no-brainer for those of us with fair or stumpy eyelashes, of which I have both. No matter how many times my mascara wand meets my eye, I don’t have a full set of fluttering lashes and my face suffers for it. I’ve had individual lash extensions before (way better than the DIY stick-on scenarios you can pick up on the high street, believe me) so I was looking forward to trying out Lash Perfect.

The experts live at London’s Lash Bar (well, you can find them here during working hours), and the walls of the VIP salon are adorned with signed photographs from celeb after celeb who has been chuffed with their lashes after an hour or so in the treatment chair. The thing I loved most about the salon, before closing my eyes for the best part of 60 minutes, was that the ceiling is glass, so you can have a lie down and follow the clouds, literally.

After removing my make-up – I’d worn waterproof mascara, which the therapist preferred me to take it off myself so I could control the pressure on my skin – as the lashes won’t adhere unless there are no traces of oil or product, we decided to use B-type lashes, which are somewhere between natural and overzealous D-list celebrity.

After that, it was all pretty easy really. I laid down and closed my eyes for an hour, and when I opened them I had a set of flutterers to rival Bambi.

The results

All joking aside, the lashes were excellent. The process was completely painless, relatively quick and I left with just a few simple instructions about avoiding water for the next 24 hours. I did lose a couple of lashes over the following few days, but nowhere near enough to really make a difference to the overall look – and I’d only had a half set. A picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll let the before and after photo do the talking for me.

Any bride who doesn’t want to faff around with strip lashes on the morning of her wedding, or just simply wants to do away with mascara altogether, get yourself a set of Lash Perfect for sure.

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I visited the Lash Perfect Lash Bar in Soho, but you can find your nearest salon by visiting the Lash Perfect website.