We try Radiance Cleanse for wedding day weight loss

Y&YW’s Hollie Bond says so-long to solid food on the juice diet


Radiance Cleanse suggests doing a detox if you fulfil the following criteria: 

  • you feel perpetually sluggish
  • you have bloating or digestive complaints
  • your skin isn’t clear and glowing
  • you have a few pounds to lose
  • you crave sugary foods or caffeine

As my day goes something like this: forcing myself out of bed, showering still half asleep, downing a strong coffee followed by many cups of tea at my desk, something sugary at 11am, a doughy shop-bought sandwich at lunch, a dinner that involves too much beige foodstuffs and then falling asleep on the sofa, I knew I more than qualified as a cleanse candidate.

The radiance cleanse is based on the belief that your digestive system occasionally needs a break and that liquid nourishment is the best way as the nutrients can easily be absorbed. I didn’t think twice about the gunge green looking juices and signed up for the signature cleanse (the easiest option). This service is super simple with 15 clearly-labelled juices being delivered to your door in a cool bag, making it perfect for busy brides-to-be. The company is also very supportive, sending email updates happily informing you when you’re half way through and when you’ve finished.

My first juice had the delectable title of Ginger Lemonade – Enid Blyton’s Famous Five eat your heart out! In reality it was a fiery mix of ginger and lemon with no sugar in sight, but the good news is it filled me up well past my usual 11am biscuit binge. Next up was Clean Green, which on first swig tasted like apple juice before the spinach and fennel aftertaste kicked in, making me gag. I developed pretty nifty ways of getting the juices down after that – from holding my nose when no one was looking to the much more civilised use of a straw! Three more juices took me through to the evening – a cashew milk, root boost and vital green. At 500ml each I struggled to finish every bottle but still felt full after just two thirds of each. 

The results

I was amazed how quickly the detoxifying symptoms kicked it. On day one I had a raging headache, on day two I ached all over and day three brought with it serious fatigue. All side effects of a successful cleanse – seriously?! Was it worth it though? My boyfriend who was on the receiving end of my cranky moods may not think so but post detox I felt almost cleaner and lighter inside. My stomach was definitely less bloated, I more or less leapt out of bed and I lost three pounds in three days! But most importantly it really hit home how badly I’d been eating – the week after the detox, nuts and seeds were my go-to snack and I couldn’t bear to touch coffee. Although as the days have passed somehow chocolate appears to have crept back into my desk drawer…

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Radiance Cleanse has juice detoxes starting from £215, available for delivery nationwide. For further information visit radiancecleanse.com