Wedding make-up SOS

5 ways to look wed-tastic


Okay so our poor excuse for a British summer is causing two new stresses for summer brides: either they’re re-planning the photographs for inside (such a shame but the beautiful lake in the brochure now resembles a bog) or the whole shebang is relocating last minute to somewhere sunny.


Whatever or wherever the wedding happens, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to be snapped and scrutinised more than family Beckham walking through Heathrow. We asked Urban Decay’s Brooke Pederson and Natalya Nair for a few tips on how to face the biggest day of your life looking your most beautiful, come rain or shine.

1 Avoid a make-up meltdown “Start with primer to mattify your skin and follow with a light foundation, building it up until you achieve perfect coverage. Add a setting powder just over your t-zone – that’s your forehead, nose and chin areas,” says Brooke. “Prime your eyes too as you don’t want happy tears to ruin your eye make-up and use a waterproof mascara.” (Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer Potion, £18 and Eyeshadow Primer Potion, £11.50)

2 Don’t look like a Towie extra – play down the lashes, lips and fake tan “Thanks to Towie, lashes are getting so big that they have the danger of making your lids look droopy. I’ve heard of girls wearing three sets of false lashes – that’s a big no no for brides,” says Natalya. “Instead, apply black eyeshadow along your upper lashline to make your lashes look fuller and longer.” As far as your lips are concerned, gloss can look over the top and end up being worn on your groom after the first kiss. “If its shine you’re after, get a less gooey hit from a balm or lipstick instead,” says Natalya. Finally, don’t get your tan from a can, go to a professional. “You can’t risk having orange hands when people are getting a good look at your ring. Give your professional tan a boost on the day by dusting bronzer over your collarbone and shoulders.” (Urban Decay Baked Bronzer, £20)

3 It’s okay to smoke “Black is too severe for a wedding day,” says Natalya, “but if you love the look of smoky eyes go for softer shades like emerald green, taupe or grey instead. As far as texture is concerned, shimmer and matte both work well but just make sure you keep shimmer away from your brow bone as that area will be picked up by camera flashes.” (Urban Decay Smoked Palette, £35)

4 Emergency! Dark shadows! “If you suffer from dark under eye circles leaving mascara off your bottom lashes will help to detract attention,” says Natalya. “In place, just use a soft black eyeliner halfway along the inner rims to enhance your lashes and balance your eyes;” she suggests. Other ways to make them less noticeable: “place a tissue under your eyes to catch falling flecks of eyeshadow and apply concealer after the rest of your eye make-up.”

5 You don’t ‘do’ lipstick. “Don’t go bare.” says Natalya.” You need colour if only for the photos otherwise you’ll look washed out. If you want to avoid a lipstick look, go for a pinky beige coloured chunky lip pencil instead. It won’t feel drying, look as obvious or need constant retouching.” (Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Lovechild, £14)


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