Wedding workout video: 5 moves for perfect posture and a toned back

Just follow this exclusive Pilates-based circuit by Every Second Counts creative director Sally Dixon

Many brides-to-be take on a new fitness regime in the build-up to their wedding day. From barrecore to HIIT and military fitness, there are plenty of options and anyone can find something they can enjoy (or can at least tolerate!). But the unfortunate truth is, even the exercise you once fell in love with can start to get boring.


If you’re suffering from workout boredom and are on the verge of giving up – don’t! You just need to switch up your routine and throw a few new and exciting things into the mix. Perhaps swap your evening walks for a swim or try alternating between high energy hit and calming yoga.

You can also throw in some new moves that are super-easy to do at home with no equipment, but will still have you feeling the burn. In fact, Every Second Counts Creative Director, Sally Dixon, has just the moves ready and waiting for you to try!

Sally has kindly filmed a video series especially for us, featuring all of the exercises you need to be looking toned and sculpted on your big day. In the video below, Sally shows us how to get a toned back and perfect our posture.

Your posture is really important when it comes to looking your best, the way you carry yourself can make you look pounds lighter. Good posture can also transform your wedding photographs and keep you looking elegant as you walk down the aisle.

If all of this sounds like something you need on your big day (we’re giving it a go for our holiday!), then scroll down and watch the video below.

Workout clothes at the ready, you’re going to want to get in stuck in and give this a go straight away!