Wedding workshop: how to create a flattering pose

Wedding photographer Steven Brookes shares his expert tips for your W-day photographs


Your wedding day photographs will capture one of the most precious moments of your life, so don’t let a lack of confidence or insecurities ruin your big day. Clear aligner brand Invisalign has teamed up with wedding photographer Steven Brookes to reveal their expert tips on how to achieve the perfect wedding day photographs.



To create a beautiful silhouette, the most flattering pose is to stand at an angle of 45 degrees to the camera rather than head-on, as this can help make your figure appear slimmer. Remember to keep your shoulders down and relax while shifting your body weight on to your back foot.


On your big day, your photographer will undoubtedly take a head and shoulder portrait shot. Try to sit at an angle to the camera, with your head slightly tilted towards the lens and leaning to one side. This can help to give the appearance of larger eyes, which together with your smile, are the focal points of the picture.


For me, natural light from a window is the best tool to achieve impressive visual results. Try and sit or stand close to a light source when posing for photographs, this will highlight the features of your dress or suit, while giving a beautiful quality to the picture.

The Couple Shot

Take some time out with your partner on the day. Let your photographer follow you about, but try to forget that they’re there and just talk to each other. This is the first time you will be alone together as husband and wife and it tends to encourage natural smiles, which makes for a beautifully intimate picture for the album.


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