What to eat on the morning of your wedding

You've been dieting for months and exercising like a crazy person to get into your dream dress, but now wedding day is here, what should you eat to keep you going? We have some dos and definitely do nots to help you!

You’ve spent months (or years!) planning the perfect wedding day; designing a delicious menu for your guests to enjoy, curating an elegant colour scheme of soft pastel hues and agonising over how exactly to get the ice sculpture you always imagined into the boho yurt you’ve hired.


We know you’ve planned your hair and makeup, wedding lingerie and getting-ready area to perfection, but have you thought about what you are going to eat before the order of the day begins?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and on one of the most important days of your life it needs to be a good one! So what should you be tucking into, and what should a blushing bride avoid? Your breakfast starts your metabolism, will give you energy for the day ahead and should soak up some of that champagne for later!


Carbs are your friend

We know you’ve just spent the last year avoiding them at all costs, but with such a long, bubbly-filled day ahead of you, you’re going to need a bit of substance. Your butterflies may make it hard for you to have an appetite so we suggest something quite plain with slow releasing energy like porridge or Weetabix, as it’s not rich or likely to turn your stomach.

Step away from the fast food

Believe it or not, we know a lot of brides that on the morning of their wedding reach for the fast food. Sometimes they run out of time and feel stressed, needing something quick and easy or they’ve been dieting for months and want a well-earned treat. However this is the worst thing you can do. The excess grease will make you feel sick, especially when you have a nervous tummy. The fried carbs will make your stomach bloat, giving you the opposite look to the lean figure you imagined. Plus, the huge amounts of salt will dehydrate you, possibly leading to a headache when you’re supposed to be having fun!


Protein is a bride’s bestie

Protein is a great option because it will keep away any hunger pangs throughout the day, leaving you to socialise instead of chasing the canapes. Something like scrambled eggs is perfect and will keep you full up and standing steady. We know your h2b loves to sweep you off your feet, but we don’t want you fainting at the altar!

Stick to what you know

Don’t choose your wedding day to experiment with new foods. The last thing you want is an upset stomach; no one wants to be rushing to toilet with a six-foot train! There’s also always the chance that you could have an allergic reaction, and trust us, a puffy face and a rash does not work well with vintage lace!


Keep it herbal


For some of us, we can’t even function without a cup of coffee in the morning, but on the morning of all mornings it’s best to dodge the cup of joe. Drinking herbal tea will not only save you from the coffee breath and avoid any staining on those pearly whites, but it will keep you from crashing too. Drinking a warm herbal tea will calm your stomach and keep you hydrated throughout the day, giving you energy and making sure you feel your best – especially after a couple of Pimms! On a day with so much going on, moving in between ceremony to venue and with all of the socialising you will doing when would you have time to keep yourself hydrated? As well as your herbal tea, make sure you stock up on fluids and drink as much water as possible with your breakfast to make up for later in the day.