What your wedding perfume says about you

Did you know your wedding fragrance says a lot about your personality? Click through to find out how spot on we are.

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Citrus fragrance


You don’t need a cup of coffee in the morning, you’ve got enough energy thank you very much. You’re the one who remembers everyone’s birthday and to make dinner reservations, and you ticked off that wedding checklist months ago.

Floral fragrance

You know that little girl who always dreamt of being a Disney princess and having a fairytale wedding? That’s you. You’re a romantic girl at heart, and you might just go for a big ballgown and a tiara. Because why not?


Fruity fragrance

If there’s some fun to be had, you’re there. The life and soul of the party, you know how to make everyone feel at ease and you already know your wedding will be the wildest of them all.

Gourmand fragrance

You love sweet and spicy fragrances with a touch of chocolate or vanilla. You’re sexy and confident and enjoy a touch of luxe. Your wedding will be a classy affair for sure.


Woody scents

You love nothing more than stealing his perfume, and you’re a self-confessed tomboy – though that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy girly things too – you just don’t like labels. You’re very open, honest person and wear your heart on your sleeve.

A bespoke fragrance


You don’t play by the rules, you set them. You’re a true trendsetter and aren’t afraid to be bold… or break a wedding tradition or two.