Why investing in your body skincare needs to be your New Year’s Resolution

Glowing skin isn’t just for the face – here’s how to give your whole body a gloss-over in time for your wedding

We spend so much time (and money) on our facial skincare – but when it comes to our bodies, a quick slathering with an all-over moisturiser is about 
as good as it gets for many of us.


We spoke to experts about why different body areas deserve your attention, and which products to use so you feel your totally beautiful best in time for your wedding day – and, of course, your honeymoon!

How to care for your décolletage

The skin on the décolletage is particularly thin, delicate and sensitive, so should be afforded the same attention you lavish on your face.

It’s one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, and is exposed more regularly to the elements than others. This means that it truly needs targeted care, especially if you’re planning to wear an on-trend plunging dress on w-day.

The best product for your décolletage


Dr. Levy Switzerland Décolletage Regenerating Silk, £290

“The product is formulated to provide long-term rejuvenating effects, as well as help to correct and slow the visible signs of premature skin ageing,” says Dr Levy.

As well as stimulating the skin’s natural regeneration system, the product’s ingredients increase and accelerate the repair of cells, which produce collagen and elastin. These are both essential for keeping it supple.

How to care for your bum

Bums are big news – you only need to scroll through Instagram to see that. If you dream of a derrière to show off in your honeymoon swimwear, then give it some love.

“The bottom area is prone to more cellulite build-up,” says Heela Yang, co-founder of beauty brand Sol de Janeiro. “It needs targeted ingredients to stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.”

The best product for your bum


Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, from £18

Rich in guarana, an Amazonian plant with a seed that contains almost five times the amount of caffeine as coffee, this sublimely scented product stimulates circulation to help firm and tighten your tush.

How to care for your arms

If you’re anything like us, the backs of your arms are plagued with those pesky red bumps charmingly referred to as ‘chicken skin’. Of course, they’re far from the end of the world, but it’s understandable that you’d want to banish them before your big day, especially if you’re rocking a chic strapless wedding dress.


The best product to get rid of chicken skin

Exuviance Retexturing Treatment, £29.75
This product was designed especially to combat dry skin and keratosis pilaris (yes, chicken skin does have a proper Latin medical term). It resurfaces 
dull and rough skin, letting it regenerate quicker, meaning those bumps can be shed more easily.

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How to care for your bust

For brides dreaming of a daring sweetheart neckline wedding dress, making the most of your bust is a wedding preparation essential. While beauty products can’t promise a cleavage to rival swimwear model Kate Upton’s, they can help to maintain the position, shape and firmness of your breasts – key to optimising your assets on w-day.

“Jacques Courtin-Clarins, who founded Clarins, pioneered the idea that the bust line is dependent on the quality and support provided by the skin that extends from the base of the breasts up to the chin – termed the ‘natural bra’,” says Marie McKeever, head of training at Clarins UK. “The delicate bust area is affected by gravity, causing the ‘natural bra’ to slacken, meaning the bust becomes less firm, losing hold and shape.”

The best beauty products for your bust


Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel, £44

This creates an invisible veil over the skin’s surface that tightens the ‘natural bra’ area and shapes the bust. The lifting gel is created 
from plant extracts and is designed to strengthen and firm this area, thus helping prevent premature slackening in support tissue, by keeping it strong and firm.

How to look after your legs

Chances are, your legs will be covered by a fabulous, floor-skimming gown on w-day, but they may well be taking centre stage on your honeymoon, and long, lean limbs are top of our wish list.

Getting them smooth takes effort, though.


The best beauty products for your legs

Arm yourself with an arsenal of leg products to get your pins in tip-top condition.

While there’s no magic cure for cellulite, skin689 Creme Anti-Cellulite, £49, smoothes the skin surface and improves its elasticity. Daily body brushing will boost cell renewal for softer, more radiant skin – we like the Espa Skin Brush, £20.


Waging war on dry skin gets a whole lot easier with an exfoliating scrub in hand. Opt for the Sister & Co. Raw Cacao & Coffee Sugar Scrub, £24, to deliver a range of vitamins and nutrients while nourishing, softening and ensuring long-lasting hydration.