Why you should never wear make-up on a flight

Heading off on honeymoon? Be sure to make-up-free during the flight!

So you’re going to be jetting off on honeymoon – somewhere ultra-fabulous we’re sure, but then you face the dilemma of whether to don your heels and sunnies and go for airport chic like the celebs, or slum it in your comfies. Thankfully, now tracksuit bottoms are in fashion you can totally get away with comfort and style at the same time (phew). But what about your face? Do you pile on the make-up to try to increase your chances of getting a cheeky upgrade (however unlikely…), or do you brave a bare face for the flight?


We interviewed Dr Preethi Daniel, from the London Doctors Clinic (londondoctorsclinic.co.uk) to find out whether it’s really that bad to be wearing a full face of make-up on a flight… and it turns out it really is!

Jet off make-up free

Dr Preethi Daniel reveals that “it’s the low humidity levels in the cabin that can make skin feel and look extra dry and tight.” “A heavy foundation combined with dry skin is a recipe for disaster” claims Pereethi, “as make-up causes pores to become blocked and that allows bacteria to grow and that’s when you breakout.”


So what’s the solution we hear you cry? Well, a BB cream or a light foundation is always going to be preferable to a heavy, full-coverage option, if you really can’t go without a smidge of make-up. However, Pereethi strongly recommends always going completely make-up free for long-haul flights.

“Apply a rich moisturiser before the flight and take a small face mist on-board to keep your moisture levels up,” she advises. A lip balm is another handy addition to your in-flight carry on – to make sure your lips don’t crack up. And it’s also very important to remember to drink plenty (of water, not champagne!) while you’re up in the air to stay hydrated inside and out.

With these expert skincare tips, you’ll touch down for the holiday-of-a-lifetime looking fabulously radiant instead of cakey and cracked.


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