Your Pre-Wedding Wax: What you Need to Know

Considering opting for a pre-wedding wax? From when to book your wax, to what not to do, here’s all you need to know.

While there’s absolutely no obligation to have a pre-wedding waxing treatment, we know lots of brides do so, be it ahead of your big day so you feel extra special in their first night lingerie, or pre-honeymoon for that extra shot of body confidence when you slip into your honeymoon swimwear.


We caught up with a spokesperson from Ministry of Waxing to get the lowdown on hair removal.

Lay back while your therapist works her magic

1. When should you have your pre-wedding wax?

Ministry of Waxing advised heading to the salon two to three days before the big day for the best results. After your wax there are certain things you have to avoid (read on to find out what they are) and two or three days gives times for your skin to settle down again.

2. I’m going on honeymoon a week after my wedding, will I need a second waxing appointment?

For the best results, you need your hair to be around 6mm long before you have it waxed; most people have a wax about four to six weeks after their last treatment, so your pre-wedding wax should still be going strong a week on from your big day.

3. Is there anything I can’t do after I have my wax?

Unfortunately there are a few things you need to avoid. For 24 hours after your treatment don’t have a hot bath or exercise, avoid using perfumed products and going in saunas or steam rooms and make sure to wear loose clothing to avoid irritating the still open pores.

It’s also worth noting down that it’s best avoid being “intimate” with your husband-to-be on the day of your wax, if you’ve had hair removal down there. It can cause friction, and nobody wants a rash for w-day!


4. I’m not having my wax until the day before my honeymoon, will this be okay?

Ministry of Waxing suggest having your wax three days before you head off, rather than the day before your flights. Why? because swimming and sunbathing will irritate your sensitised skin and can cause ingrown hairs or rashes – not what you want when you’re larking about in the Maldives!