22 visually superb drip wedding cakes

Salted caramel popcorn, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and pastel drip wedding cakes galore!

Peach dripping three tier cake
Orange drip cake with bright flowers

Drip wedding cake – Keep your cake simple to let the drips do the talking, as with this delightful masterpiece, created by Love Rosie Cakes.

Orange yellow drip with fruits and flowers

Cake | Cordy’s Bro

Marble dripping cake with pastel flowers

Cake | Cordy’s Cakes

Grey drip cake with rose flower

Cake | Artisana Bakes

Semi nude dripping cake with blueberries

Cake | Gaggui

Pastel blue pink gravity cake

Cake | Hobbycraft

Three tier dripping cake with bright flowers

Cake | Bunty’s Wedding Cakes

White dripping cake with bright flowers

Cake | Sweetness and Bite

Multi-color dripping cake with cookies

Cake | Slice Artisan Cakes

Rainbow dripping cake with flower

Cake | Ivy + Stone

Strawberry dripping cake

Cake | Hint of Vanilla

Two tier caramel drip cake

Cake | Lottie and Belle

Pink cake with yellow drip

Cake | Lottie and Belle

Oreo cookie drip cake with icing

Cake | Lilie Bakery

Drip cake with pastel meringue and pearls

Cake | Style Sweet

Golden drip cake with flowers

Cake | Caking it up

Funfetti drip cake

Cake | Wilton

Pastel drip cake with donut and meringue

Cake | Jenelle’s Custom Cakes

Drip cake with ice cream cone at top

Cake | Juniper Cakery