Cool cheese wedding cakes

Cheese lovers rejoice! It’s now fully acceptable to eschew traditional wedding cakes and instead opt for a cheese wedding cake

Layers of frilled icing and sugar flowers may be pretty Instagram-worthy, but what if you just haven’t got a sweet tooth? For those of you looking for a not-so-sweet alternative, we have created the ultimate cheese cake guide. Because cheese is everything.


Whether you’re a wensleydale lover, a brie obsessive or a fan of good old cheddar, there’s a wedding cheese cake out there for you. These towers of cheese not only look impressive, they taste awesome too and will have your guests queuing around the marquee, clamoring to get a plate of the cheesey goodness.

Cheese cakes also serve as a brilliant evening food option; what better way to finish off a full wedding breakfast than with a plate of delicious cheese? Add some bread rolls or crackers and you’ve got the recipe for some serious party fuel that will keep your guests dancing all night long!

We’re not talking about a simple cheese board or a pile of cheese wheels either; these masterpieces are every bit as beautiful as your traditional wedding cake and can be adorned with cascading flowers and attractive fruit – the world is your oyster!

Whether you’ve an army of 200 cheese lovers to feed or an intimate group of 20, you can style your cheese selection in a way that would make any wedding stylist proud and get all your guests snapping your tasty creation. Just make sure you get your photographer to capture a picture of it in all its glory, before your guests demolish it!

Once you’ve settled on your cheeses and luxe adornments, we’ll talk you through everything else, from crackers to condiments and serving sizes, so your cheese cake is a complete hit! Now, let’s talk cheese…

The cheese wedding cake

How large a cheese wedding cake should I order?

70 – 100g of cheese per guest is a good starting point for your cheese wedding cake. Go for the more generous amount if you’re thinking of including the cheese cake as part of the evening buffet or if you think your guests will be particularly hungry (read: greedy)!

What are separators for in cheese wedding cakes?

These help create a tiered affect – raising the height of the cheese wedding cake and also giving nice gaps to be filled with decorations and flowers. Basically, the separators will help to make your cake look picture-perfect!

Can you stack hard cheeses on top of soft?

Yes, using a few nifty tricks! Your wedding cheese cake provider should include a cake support to dig into the centre of the brie or soft cheese and a stand to place on top of that. The cake support will press all the way down to the board your cake is resting on and so it will be the board rather than the cheese that takes the weight of the rest of the cake!

How long can the cheeses be left unrefrigerated?

It is suggested that the cheeses are only left out at room temperature for a maximum of four hours – and obviously not near a radiator. Do make sure, however, that they are at room temperature when eaten.

What does a cheese wedding cake sit on?

That’s up to you. Beautiful slate and olive wood boards will help make the cake look best, and can be purchased online from The Courtyard Dairy. Dimensions and sizes can be supplied to help you find something to fit.

What should I serve with my cheese wedding cake?

Once cut, you can either let your guests tuck in to your cheese cake with a buffet style “help yourself” situation, or have your caterers serve it to each table on individual plates.

Great accompaniments to your cheese cake are baskets of freshly baked bread, a collection of biscuits (like the ones that come out at Christmas), fresh fruit, fruit preserves, honey and even nuts.

Dessert wines and port are also great to sip on while nibbling at cheese – ask your cake creators which wines complements your cheese choices.

Do wedding cheese cakes come with crackers and condiments?

Not normally, but some cheese cake suppliers do offer a range of delicious hand-made biscuits, crackers, pickles and chutneys.

When should I order my cheese wedding cake?

Just like with traditional wedding cakes, cheese wedding cakes need to be ordered in advance, so that the maker has time to call in your desired cheeses.

The very latest you can order your cheese wedding cake is generally three weeks before the event to ensure the selected cheese is available and in peak condition.

When should I build my cheese wedding cake?

Once your cheese wedding cake is with you, be sure to keep it chilled. The cake should be put together at least two hours before it is eaten to allow the cheese to reach perfect eating conditions. Remember to brief your caterers on putting together the cake in plenty of time – imperative to think about when it comes to your wedding day schedule.

Rustic cheese wedding cake

If you’ve been to as many weddings as we have in the last few months, chances are at least one of the occasions opted to have a cheese wedding cake rather than a traditional baked cake.

Cheese wedding cakes needn’t be boring to look at – they can be just as visually stunning as a traditional wedding cake, with flowers between the layers, or even fruit decorations at the base.

We love the frothy floral adornments on this cheese cake, courtesy of The Fine Cheese Co; it would look amazing if you’re going for an outdoor or woodland theme! Unlike standard wedding cakes, the supplier of your cheese cake is unlikely to decorate it for you; this normally falls to the florist or your caterer. Of course, if you’re feeling artistic, you could decorate the cake yourself.


Adorn your cheese wedding cake with fresh flowers and fruit for a gorgeous outdoor inside feel.


Tesco has answered all of our cheese wedding cake prayers with this five-tier cheese cake for just £30. It has cheddar cheese at the bottom, followed by red Leicester, topped with blue stilton underneath a wensleydale with sweetened dried cranberries and sweetened dried blueberries, with the final layer a delicious St Endellion Brie.

Tesco estimates this cheese cake will serve 23 people, so if you’ve got a lot of cheese loving guests, you might need to buy two.

Amethyst cheese wedding cake

This creation from The Courtyard Dairy is proof that you don’t need icing to make a cake look pretty. With five tiers of delectable dairy including a fresh lactic goats’ milk, the intense Tunworth Camembert, a crumbly fresh Wensleydale, a smooth rounded Stilton-style and classic tangy Cheddar, this cake runs the risk of stealing the bride’s thunder…

Modern cheese wedding cake

You can have a lot of fun with a cheese cake too, and there’s plenty of scope to stamp your own style on it rather than just have them stacked up in a tower.

We love the idea of placing something between the layers that fits your theme, like these straw mats between the cheese rounds of this cool modern-looking cheese cake from La Fromagerie. 

Floral cheese wedding cake

Cheese wedding cakes look fantastic when decorated with simple flowers that match your bouquet or wedding flowers, as on this Paxton and Whitfield creation.

The key is to avoid overcrowding your cake with decorations. If you want to adorn the cake with lots of fruit it is advisable to place the fruit in bowls nearby for your guest to help themselves to.

Keep in mind that certain flowers are poisonous if eaten, or could stain the cheese – check with your florist about which flowers are suitable to decorate with. If you’re having an autumn wedding, opt for gold and red hued decorations, or go for something bright and breezy if you’re having a summer wedding.

Tiered cheese wedding cake

“One of the great things about the wedding cheese cake is that it serves a dual purpose,” says Sarah Norris of Godminster.

“Not only is it a stunning centrepiece that looks just as beautiful as any traditional wedding cake, it’s also a cost-effective way to serve the perfect cheeseboard to your guests.”

While your guests will be wowed by your creative table centrepiece, keep them extra happy with a variety of different cheeses within your cake, that way there’s something to suit every taste bud.

Floral cheese wedding cake

This elegant cheese cake was created by The Fine Cheese Co.  and photographed by Anneli Marinovich.

One benefit of having a cheese cake is that there’s no way to cut the cake wrong! Since it’s not normally a flawlessly created masterpiece, you can take to it with a knife however you fancy!

Black cheese wedding cake

When it comes to presenting your cheese wedding cake, it should sit on a wide cake stand, or for a traditional cheese board look, a wooden board.

For a rustic look, place your cake on a slab of stylish wood, or an upcycled wooden crate. Each tier of the cake can be separated by boards or cake column. This dramatic cheese wedding cake comes courtesy of The Cheese Shed.

Cheese wedding cake centrepiece

Just like cupcake wedding cakes took the world by storm, individual cheeses make for a charming and unique centrepiece, as this set-up from The Fine Cheese Co. proves.  Individual cheeses are an ideal way to serve up a cheese course for your guests, plus the stand brings a lovely vintage touch to proceedings.

This Paxton and Whitfield cheese wedding cake is ideal for smaller weddings due to the petite size – alternatively, order several of the same cake for bigger guest numbers.

Heart-topped cheese wedding cake

Your cheese wedding cake can tie effortlessly into your colour scheme if you opt to include a waxed cheese, as with this burgundy creation, courtesy of Godminster.

Tall cheese wedding cake

When planning your wedding cheese cake, think about the colours and textures of the cheeses you’re choosing. They’re unlikely to tie in with your colour scheme quite as well as a traditional wedding cake, but they can still look beautiful.

Add ribbon detailing to the base, along with feather and floral embellishments for a dramatic cheese wedding cake, a’la this one from The Cheese Shed; we think it would look show-stopping at a rustic woodland wedding.

Lace embellished cheese wedding cake

We absolutely love the look of this cheese wedding cake, from The Fine Cheese Co. The hessian and lace sections add a gorgeous country feel to the cake, and allows flower decorations to be added without any trouble.

Wedding cheese cakes decorated in this style would look glorious at rustic themed weddings.

Colourful cheese wedding cake

Just as choosing your cake flavour can be tricky, making a cheese selection is equally puzzling.

Start with “the big three” cheeses – cheddar, blue and brie, then think about your other favourites, from smoked cheeses and fruity cheeses to goat’s milk cheeses. A variety of different cheeses will make for an interesting looking cake, like this one courtesy of The Cheese Shed.

Flowery cheese wedding cake

Disguise the partitions between your cheese wheel with floral embellishments and greenery, as The Fine Cheese Co. have done with this cake. It not only looks beautiful, but helps tie in your colour scheme and bouquet flowers – perfect for a countryside celebration!

Simplistic cheese wedding cake

When pondering over how big you cheese wedding cake should be, allow for around 100g of cheese per guest and you’ll be along the right lines.

Having said this, keep in mind any vegan guests that will opt out of the cheese cake. In addition, if you’ve served a large meal, you could provide a little less cheese per person. If you know you’ve got some health concious guests in attendance, consider one of our healthy wedding cake alternatives.

Decorated cheese wedding cake

Don’t feel that you need to go for a rustic aesthetic just because you’ve gone for a cheese wedding cake.

An unusual wedding cake tower can look just as glam as a traditional wedding cake; adorn with pretty pink petals for a gorgeously girly look. Cheese cake courtesy of The Fine Cheese Co.

Cheese wedding cake with fruit

A base layer of apples, pears and plums makes for a delightfully different wedding cake style, especially when placed on top of a countryside-chic log.

While traditional wedding cakes are best kept inside your venue, their cheese counterparts can be moved about and look amazing when photographed outside – make sure it’s one of the wedding pictures you ask your photographer to take.  Cake courtesy of The Fine Cheese Co.

Heart shaped cheese wedding cake

Add a little romance to your cheese wedding cake with a heart shaped piece of cheese. Keep the rest of your tower simple to appreciate the full effect of the top layer; add a collection of roses for an injection of floral glamour. This simplistic cake, courtesy of Paxton and Whitfield, would look amazing in a pub venue.

Cheese wedding cake with flowers

Leave the top half of your wedding cheese cake bare, then add a waterfall of cascading flowers to the bottom for a beautiful visual effect.


Don’t totally forget about the top wheel though – as this is the littlest layer, be sure to order a few extras of the top cheese – it’d be a shame if this was a super popular cheese choice, but you only had a tiny portion of it! Courtesy of The Fine Cheese Co, this cheese wedding cake would like sensational at an intimate cotswolds wedding where it could be centre of attention.