Dream Wedding Cakes with the Blushing Cook

Fantasising about your perfect wedding cake? The Blushing Cook can make your dreams come true

Looking for an exquisitely designed wedding cake that will not only wow your guests, but also tastes amazing? Look no further than Blushing Cook, aka Sammi Gascoyne.


Sammi believes that taste is just as important as the look of the cake, and while she creates the most unbelievably stunning cakes, she also keeps everything internally and externally as natural as possible. We caught up with her on everything from how she got started, to her favourite cake she has ever baked.

The favourite cake Sammi has baked

How did you get into creating wedding cakes?

“I was working as a pastry chef in restaurants when I decided to enrol on a patisserie diploma at Le Cordon Bleu cookery school,” Sammi explains. “It was here I realised my passion was most definitely creating wedding and celebration cakes. Following this I worked for Peggy Porschen where I gained further knowledge and skills in this field which allowed me to move forward and set up my own business, Blushing Cook, now I spend my days creating what I love!”

What do you most enjoy about baking wedding cakes?

“I love the idea that I am making the cake that will probably the most important cake the bride and groom will ever eat!” Sammy enthuses. “I make sure that every aspect of my cake from the ingredients, to the taste, to the design are all equally as important as each other. It is a huge responsibility but I love the buzz and the excitement and it’s all worth it when a couple email you to tell you how pleased they were.”

What’s your favourite wedding cake you’ve ever baked?

“I love making cakes with edible flowers,” shares Sammi. “It’s my favourite medium of cake decoration as they are so naturally beautiful and you can eat them too! I recently made a cake for a lovely couple who were so fabulous that it easily was my favourite I have made simply for the pleasure of making it.”

The most extravagant cake Sammi has ever baked

Where does your cake inspiration come from?

“Most of my cakes are very floral, I am obsessed with anything flower related and botanical. I like to keep everything as fresh and natural as possible,” Sammi comments. “I look at fashion and floral prints, floristry trends, even art. Sometimes I will add elements of the flavours of the cakes to the decoration. For example, if there are fruits in the cake I’ll add that or I’ll even just add some some gold dusted popcorn; anything that looks and tastes beautiful.”

What is the most extravagant cake you’ve ever baked?

“This summer I made a five tier fresh floral cascade cake which I adored making,” says Sammi. “I love to really go for it with flowers, the more the better in my world.”

Sammi’s most requested cake

Have you ever come up against any issues with your cakes?

“I love to make fresh buttercream cakes but when it comes to larger cakes I sometimes have to consider the weather conditions and safe delivery,” laments Sammi. “There are always solutions though, you learn to be adaptable as a chef and I haven’t had any problems so far!”


What’s the most requested kind of cake?

“I designed a simple buttercream cake with fresh flowers and my customers seem to love it.” says Sammi. “It’s easily adaptable to their floral theme for their big day and it’s a simple but pretty design which you can add fruits to or anything you like really.”