Wedding couple laughing

Funniest wedding fails ever

This little video will cheer you up and help you see that there are some wedding-day surprises you can't possibly prepare for...

Despite months of planning, careful decision making and scheduling, sometimes weddings can go wrong. While the last thing we want to do is scare you (we’re sure yours will go without a hitch!), we do think that you’ll see the funny side in these hilarious wedding fails.


From trips and falls to dance floor disasters and flower girl fuss, there’s no limit to the type of fails these poor couples have experienced. While we’re sure they’re happy to laugh now and share the giggles with us, we think this is also the perfect opportunity to learn from their mistakes and make sure your wedding day is major fail-free!

Painful trips and wedding cake ruining disasters aside, we do think it’s sometimes the little mistakes that make the day unique and memorable. For example, if you’re including little members of your bridal party or animals, everyone knows that these particular wedding guests hardly ever play ball but they often provide super-cute and funny moments.

Basically, if one or two minor things do go awry on the day, don’t sweat it. Your wedding day is all about marrying the love of your life and sharing it with the people who matter most, not picture-perfect moments. While we’re sure you’ll get plenty of them, we guaranteed it’ll be the funny and unexpected bits that you’ll find yourself thinking of and smiling about in years to come.


So, drop the table plan and give the planning a break for a few minutes while you enjoy this hilarious video with a cuppa!