How to choose your cake flavour

While the traditional wedding cake is still considered to be a rich fruitcake, couples can now opt for any flavour, from chocolate to berry compote. The choices are practically endless and can cause hours of stress and uncertainty. Who would have thought you would ever be stressed over something so delicious? We have come up with some tips on how to navigate the world of cake flavours and find the right one for you, minus the stress.

Photo Abigail Bloom

Wedding cake style


The first thing to decide on when looking at ordering your wedding cake is to choose what kind of cake you want. Whether it be a four tier cake, a cupcake tower or even a cake pop tree, your choice of cake type can help in choosing your flavour.

Do taste tests

Ask your baker if you can come in and sample a variety of cake flavours. Even if you have your mind set on a chocolate fudge flavour, you may like the lemon curd better after tasting it.

Sponge and frosting and filling and what else?!

You might think you’re done once you’ve decided on chocolate, but there’s more to wedding cake than meets the eye. Chocolate sponge, frosting and filling may be too much for your guests, so think about a vanilla sponge with chocolate frosting and fudge filling instead. Ask your baker for their suggestion on the best combinations of your chosen flavours. 

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Too many choices

If you just can’t decide on a flavour, think about having the different tiers baked in different flavours. This is also where having cupcakes or cake pops comes in handy, you can choose three or four flavours and divide your cakes between them. This way, your guests have more choice and you don’t have to spend hours trying to pick just one.

Sticking to tradition

If your family wants you to stick to tradition and have a rich fruitcake, there are always ways to compromise on this. You could have the small, top tier of the cake made with fruitcake and the bottom tiers made with your choice of flavour. If you are having a cupcake tower, you could get a normal size top tier made in fruitcake and have it at the top of the cupcake tower. That way, everyone is happy.

Flavours that tell a story


Maybe you want flavours that are significant to you and your fiancé. Maybe you shared a red velvet cake on your first date and he proposed over a fudge sundae flavoured dessert. You have the opportunity to tell a story with your cake so be creative with it.