Make your own wedding cake

with our great recipe from Peggy Porschen

Homemade Wedding Cake



From ‘Romantic Cakes’ by Peggy Porschen

Makes one 20cm (8 inch) sponge cake (1/2 tier) 25 fondant fancies or 20-24 cup cakes.

Baking temp 180 C / gas mark 4 baking time 12-15 minutes for cup cakes 24-45 minutes for large cakes depending on size


200g salted butter, softened

200 g caster sugar

4 medium eggs

200g self-raising flour

100 ml sugar syrup, flavoured to your choice


Electric mixer with paddle attachment

Mixing bowl

Cake tin for large cake, a baking tray for fondant fancies, muffin trays and muffin cases for cup cakes

Wooden skewer

Greaseproof paper

Large palette knife

Small spoon or large plastic piping bag wire cooling rack

Optional flavours

For vanilla sponge add the seeds of 1 vanilla pod

For lemon sponge add the finely grated zest of two lemons

For orange sponge add the finely grated zest of two oranges

Preheat the oven to 180 C /gas 4.

Place the butter the sugar and any flavouring in the bowl of an electric mixer and using the paddle attachment cream together until pale and fluffy.

Beat the eggs lightly in another bowl and slowly add to the mix, while paddling on medium speed.  If the mixture starts curdling add a little bit of flour

Once the eggs and butter mixture are combined, sieve in the flour at low speed.

Line the required baking tin.  For cup cakes, place the paper cases into the muffin trays

Spread the dough evenly into the tin using a palette knife

Peggy’s tip: As sponge always rises more in the centre, spread it slightly higher around the sides. For cupcakes, fill the paper cases about two-thirds full, using a small spoon or a plastic piping bag.

Bake for 12-15 minutes for cup cakes and 24-45 minutes for large cakes depending on the size.  The sponge is cooked when it springs back to the touch and the sides are coming away from the tin.  Alternatively you can check it by inserting a clean thin knife into the centre; it should come out clean.

While the sponge is baking, make your sugar syrup.

Once the sponge is baked let it rest for about 15 minutes.

Prick the top of the sponge with a wooden skewer and, using a pastry brush, soak it with the syrup while the sponge is still warm. For cupcakes, wait about 10 minutes after baking before soaking the cupcakes with the sugar syrup. This way they will absorb the syrup immediately and seem dry.

Once cool, remove the cake from the tin and cool on wire rack.

For large cakes, once cool, wrap the sponge in greaseproof paper, then foil. Store in a cool dry place overnight.

Peggy’s tip: I prefer to let large sponges rest overnight as they tend to crumble if cut, layered and iced on the same day as baking.

Sponges and cupcakes have a shelf life of up to seven days after icing, and are suitable for freezing. If wrapped well, they can be frozen for up to three months.


For more fabulous cake and edible favour ideas from Peggy, visit www.peggyporschen.com.