Confetti balloon topper, Ginger Ray

The best wedding cake toppers for your big day

From pretty designs to funny statements, we're a little bit in love with wedding cake toppers!

Wedding cakes are one of our favourite things about the big day, they’re tasty and can show off your personal style – what’s not to love?!


If you’re anything like us, choosing your wedding cake has been one of your favourite pieces of wedmin. From tasting sessions to deciding on the pretty details, every part of choosing a wedding cake is simply a delight.

Now that you’ve selected the perfect wedding cake you may be looking for inspiration when it comes to finishing it off. Many couples opt to get their florist involved and cover it in flowers, while others choose to pile on the fruit. If neither of these options appeal to you and you’re looking for a chance to really get creative and personalise your wedding, then we have some fabulous suggestions for you.

Wedding cake toppers have become a huge trend over the last few years and it’s no wonder when they come in so many different shapes, sizes and styles. You can pretty much get hold of anything you can imagine and personalise it too. Whether you’d like to make a statement or simply add an extra beautiful touch, you can do it with a topper.

If you’re not sure how you’d like to style your cake, we’ve checked out the very best toppers around and popped them in here for some quick wedding cake inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a traditional wedding cake or a donut stack, there’s something in here for you!

Botanical round cake topper

This cake topper with leaf detailing is perfect for modern weddings; sit it atop a white wedding cake for a contemporary-cool look. Round botanical topper, £24, Norma & Dorothy

Wedding cake topper for globetrotting couples

Perfect for globe trotting couples, this aeroplane cake topper is a great choice. If you’ve decided on a travel theme for your table plan, this will tie in with the theme perfectly. Aeroplane topper, £20, Norma & Dorothy

Geometric wedding cake topper

This geometric wedding cake topper is ideal for couples embracing contemporary trends on their big day. Geometric topper, £20, Norma & Dorothy

Confetti balloon topper, Ginger Ray

Fun and whimsical, we love this bright cake topper set! Confetti balloon topper kit, £3.99, Ginger Ray 

Yum cake toppers, Ginger Ray

Perfect for cupcakes or donuts, these toppers read our minds… Wooden yum cake toppers, £3.99, Ginger Ray

Rabbit wooden cake topper

We can’t get enough of this cute cake topper! Rabbit wedding cake topper,£25, Norma & Dorothy at Not on the High Street

Flamingo Couples Wedding Cake Topper

This funky topper is a great addition to a tropical themed wedding day. Flamingo couples wedding cake topper, £18, Owl & Otter at Not on the High Street 

Moss Initials Personalised Wedding Cake Topper

We’re seeing plenty of foliage and green touches in 2019, so it’s no wonder this personalised topper made our list. Moss initials personalised topper, £32, The Letter Loft at Not on the High Street