The most inappropriate wedding cake toppers

Some of the most ridiculous cake topper ideas from the wedding world!

Groom tumble topper

Groom tumble topper.

Texting topper

The texting embrace – the height of romance.

Bum flash topper

Cheeky groom bum flash.

Bride bum flash topper

Cheeky bride bum flash.

Drunk groom topper

Drunk groom, angry bride.

Truck topper

Redneck truck topper.

Game over topper

Nothing says romance like the words ‘game over’.

Leash topper

Showing their equal partnership with a groom on a leash.

Zombie bride topper

Zombie bride about to feast on the groom.

Wedding night topper

Sexy wedding night topper.

Drunk couple topper

Blind drunk bride and groom.

Horrror wedding topper

Divorce cake or gothic-horror wedding? We simply can’t decide.

Groom playing games topper

A premonition of what’s to come.

Shades of grey topper

50 Shades of Grey topper

Naughty cake topper

Naughty cake topper.

Naughty cake topper

VERY naughty cake topper.

Dawn raid movie scene cake topper

Dawn raid movie scene cake topper.

'Catch of the day' cake topper

‘Catch of the day’ cake topper.

Bride murder cake topper

Bride murder cake topper.

Groom murder cake topper

Groom murder cake topper.

Sleepy bride topper

Sleepy bride, off to bed.

Rugby topper

Rugby tackle that groom.

The old ball and chain topper

The old ball and chain gag.

Topper featuring groom lifting the bride

We’d totally want the bride to be lifting the groom.

Couch potato topper

Couch potato cake topper.

Weird topper
Bizarre ‘can’t get away’ topper.
Photo cake topper

Genuine photo cake topper.

Weird cake topper

Just plain wrong.

Minnie mouse and stromtropper topper

Stormtrooper would go for Minnie Mouse.

Minions topper

Minions topper! Not so inappropriate but we just couldn’t help ourselves.