Two cakes, one wedding

Our experts on the royal desserts

royal wedding cake expert advice

Prince William and the now Duchess of Cambridge proved you really can have your cake and eat it at their wedding reception, where they served guests not one, but two couture cakes. Our expert, Zoe Clark of The Cake Parlour, gives us the inside track on the royal desserts…


First up is Fiona Cairns’ white wedding cake (pictured), which was made from 17 individual fruitcakes, 12 of which made up the base for the eight-tiered masterpiece. Decorated with cream and white icing using the Joseph Lambeth technique, it was embellished with 900 iced flowers and leaves.

“I loved the fact that it was classic white and ivory tones,” says Zoe. “I also liked the shape of the cake, with the separate, pillar-like tiers at the bottom.”

The other tasty big-day treat was a chocolate biscuit cake, made by McVitie’s using a royal family recipe. Tipping the scales with an estimated 40lb of dark chocolate and 1700 Rich Tea biscuits, it packed some serious crunch.

“The chocolate cake was very plain, but hopefully will have tasted fab,” says Zoe, “and I like the white chocolate flowers.”

If all this talk of baking has got you all inspired to take a leaf out of the Wills and Kate’s book, why not mix and match tiers of fruitcake with tiers of sponge, or complement your main cake with yummy cupcakes or colourful macaroons? But be sure to keep your timescales in mind if you do: “The cake maker would have had plenty of time to work on the royal couple’s fruitcake,” explains Zoe, “while sponge cakes have to be made and decorated only a few days in advance.” Oven mitts at the ready…


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