Watch our wedding cake how-to: naked cake decoration

As naked cakes rise in favour for festival-inspired, rustic weddings, we team up with GC Couture to show you how to assemble and decorate them

For us, Sunday afternoons are designed for baking. Especially as the weather gets a little chillier and the nights a little darker, there’s something lovely about getting your bake on to round off the weekend.


The ultimate bake is, of course, a wedding cake. Gone are the days of plain white iced fruit cake; these days the only limit on wedding cake design is your imagination. We’ve seen cakes adorned with sugar-crafted flowers and cakes decorated to look like ancient crystals. We’ve seen cakes covered in icing animals and bakes coated in buttercream frills.

But sometimes, simplicity is what you need; allow us to introduce you to the naked wedding cake. The naked cake is a boho wedding favourite and lends itself perfectly to rustic themes. The exposed sponge looks charmingly homemade and low-key, but can easily be spruced up with icing sugar, fresh fruit and even real flowers.

Not only does it look stunning, it’s also a simpler and more fuss-free bake than the traditional iced wedding cake. Even novice bakers can ace this cake and give their wedding reception a beautiful (and delicious!) centrepiece.

To get started you need to decide on your sponge flavour, vanilla sponge will give a traditional look but chocolate sponge can look just as charming! You’ll also need to select your favourite jam (we’re definitely team raspberry) and whip up some buttercream to glue your sponge together.

Once you’ve built your cake, you can turn your attention to décor. Scroll through the Instagram hashtag #nakedcake or pop the term into the search on Pinterest to find plenty of stunning inspirational naked cakes. Whether you go floral or fruity, with this GC Couture tutorial you’ll have a winning wedding cake!


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