Wedding cake trends for 2019

We predict the biggest wedding cake trends from 2019 - see you later, naked cake!

The days of traditional fruit wedding cakes, complete with white icing and a traditional bride and groom topper are long gone; nowadays when you cut into a cake you’re more likely to find a different flavour on each layer, and if the last five years are anything to go by, chances are, it will be a naked cake.


The cake trends for 2019 are set to shake things up, though. Naked cakes are set to decline in popularity, with a trend for show-stopping, glamorous cakes taking over.

Read on for Suzanne Thorp, Owner and Cake Designer at The Frostery’s predictions of 2019’s cake trends.

Monograms & Motifs

Image | The Frostery

Following Princess Eugenie’s monogrammed wedding cake, we predict we’ll be seeing a lot of couples emblazon their cake with their initials, for a chic, personalised style.

“Monograms add an air of grandeur to the design while also adding a delicate and subtle personal touch,” says Suzanne.

Metallic wedding cakes

Rosalind Miller metallic wedding cake
Image | Rosalind Miller

“Metallics have been increasing in popularity over the course of 2018 and I think that this popularity will continue into the New Year,” says Suzanne

“However, instead of the popular rose gold and gold that have dominated for years, 2019 will see them step aside to make way for silver and more muted metallics.”

Check out our gallery of amazing metallic wedding cakes for big day inspiration.

Textured wedding cakes

Image | The Frostery

Perfectly smooth iced tiers have been the finish of choice over the decades but more recently, couples have been open to including different textures into their cake design.

In 2019, we can expect to see a rise in the number of couples choosing to create a delicious cake with a textured surface rather than opting for the more familiar smooth layers.

Tall wedding cakes

Image | Anneli Marinovich

Three or four tier wedding cakes are the norm, but we’re expecting to see more towering bakes in the coming months – think six layer beauties that will make a big impact at your wedding reception.


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