Why cupcakes are the new wedding cake

Five reasons to replace your towering wedding cake with an array of cute and candy-coloured desserts

Cappuccino cupcake

No cake cutting pressure – Sure, ‘cutting the cake’ is traditional, but sometimes old practices just don’t make sense. Isn’t cake so much better when served as a portable, hand-held treat?

Coconut Cupcakes

You never feel like you’re eating too much – Which would you rather: a chunk of cake that you feel obligated to finish or as many perfectly sized little cakes as you please? We know what we’d choose.

Flavored Cupcake

They are just plain cuter – A huge wedding cake is a lot of pressure – with all eyes on it, you have to make it elegant and delicious. With a cute little cupcake though, it just has to be the right size and then the flavour can speak for itself.

Chocolate Cupcake

They are so much more original – When it comes to the cupcake revolution, those clever bakers will never run out of new ideas.

Candy-colored cupcake

There’s no flavour pressure – Torn between two types of cake? With a cupcake tower, you can have all the flavours.