24 Unique Wedding Table Name Ideas

Trying to think up wedding table name ideas? We’ve come up with 24 interesting and original ideas for naming your wedding tables – not a number in sight!

Thinking up wedding table name ideas can be a tricky task; do you go sentimental or serious, tongue in cheek or heartfelt?


Whether you go for names that mean something to you and your partner, or something that reflects your theme, seek inspiration from our unique and fun table name ideas.

1. Do you love snuggling up together with a box set or a film? If yes, you could name your tables after your favourite films, or characters from a TV show; how fun would Game of Thrones themed tables be, with Stark, Baratheon and Targaryen tables? Just be careful who you seat at the Lannister table…

2. Naming your tables after animal breeds is a great way to include your pets in your wedding

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3. Music lovers could give their tables names of bands they’ve been to see together; we’re thinking Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Oasis

4. If you’re a couple that loves travelling, why not name your tables after places you’ve visited together? Name the head table as the first place you ever went together, or your chosen honeymoon destination

Including a card that explains your table name is a great talking point

5. Festivals are great inspiration for table names, especially if you names are inspired by festivals you’ve been to together

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6. Take inspiration from your favourite books for your table names, whether you choose authors, book titles or even characters from fiction. Tie the table names into your wedding themed with readings from literature and books

7. Theatre fans could name their tables after broadway and west end musicals; Cats, Mamma Mia and Jersey Boys spring to mind

8. Sports players and teams make for fun and informal wedding table names, no matter if you’re fans of rugby, cricket or tennis

9. Make homage to famous duos with table names like Romeo and Juliet, David and Victoria and Bonnie and Clyde

10. Superheroes make for amazing table names. Who wouldn’t want to be seated at the Batman or Wonder Woman table? It paves the way for amazing table decorations too.

Disney table names are great for fun loving couples

11. Couples having a Disney themed wedding could name their tables after their favourite Disney characters12. Planets and constellations make for magical table names

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13. If you’re having a wedding during the festive period, Christmas themed tables would be adorable. Think tables named after the reindeers, or Christmas icons like Santa, Sleigh, snow, robins and so on.

14. Love a tipple? Naming your tables after your favourite cocktails, wines or beers is a fab idea

15. If your wedding is themed, name tables with words associated with the theme. Ie. If you’re having a beach themed wedding, name tables with quirky names like sandcastle, ice lolly and lighthouse for a kitsch theme.

Frame your table name for a classy vibe

16. Art buffs could name their tables after greats from the art world like Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet

17. A lovely idea for language aficionados is to translate love into different languages and assign the names to tables.

18. If you’re having a cheese wedding cake you could name your tables after all different cheeses

19. If you met at university, naming your tables after different landmarks in your university town would be a fun throwback idea. Whether you go for the names of the halls of residence, bars your frequented or the titles of your professors, your uni mates will be giggling away during the reception

20. With landmarks in mind, a sentimental way to name your tables is with landmarks from the location you got engaged

21. Couples who were in a long-distance relationship at some point could name their tables after stations their trains used to travel to on their way to each other – super sweet!

22. Nostalgic couples could title their tables after milestone years in their relationships; the year you met, the year you got engaged, moved in together, first date and so on

23. Obsessed with flowers? Name your tables with blooms from your bouquet


24. Foodie couples could call their tables after their fave restaurants