Four wedding trends we can’t wait to see the back of in 2020

These wedding trends were great while they lasted, but we’re looking forward to seeing something new in 2019

There’s a reason trends become trends; they’re ideas and styles that everyone loves, are simple to recreate, and look amazing. The problem with trends is, you start to see them a lot, and they can get rather repetitive, and a bit, well, dull.


Remember in 2012 when every single wedding you went to had a shabby chic hessian and lace theme? Us too.

With a new year only a handful of months away, we’ve rounded up the wedding trends we can’t wait to see the back of, and what we think will be replacing them.

Dresses courtesy of Sorella Vita

Goodbye to: Matching bridesmaid dresses

This is one trend we bet your bridesmaids will be thankful to wave goodbye to. Having all of your maids dressed exactly the same may look nice in photos, but we’re yet to see a group of grown women, all the same body shape, who look their best when dressed as clones of one another.

Hello to: Mix and match bridesmaids dresses

Whether you choose different dresses in all the same shade or the same dresses in different colours to suit everyone’s different skin tones, mix and match is the way to go in 2019. Check out our gallery of the best mix and match bridesmaid dresses for big day inspiration.


Goodbye to: Ed Sheeran

We love Ed’s songs as much as the next person, but if we see another first dance to Thinking Out Loud, we’ll be forced to delete the track from our iTunes library. We know it’s a lovely song, that resonates with a lot of couples, but it’s starting to lose meaning. The same goes for Perfect. Yes, even the Beyonce duet version (sorry, Bey).

Hello to: Unique first dance songs

We’re expecting to see couples hit the floor to much more individual songs, rather than chart toppers. We’re thinking obscure film soundtrack songs, album tracks from big names rather than singles, and lesser-known rock tunes.

An unusual first dance song makes for a truly memorable wedding, and hearing a different song for a change will be such a nice change from the most popular first dance songs.

Image | Anneli Marinovich

Goodbye to: Naked cakes

Yes, naked wedding cakes are lovely (and good for preserving your wedding budget), but we think it’s time for something different. They were a game-changer when they first arrived on the scene, but we’ve seen so many now that we’re craving an injection of glamour into the cake world.

Hello to: Glam, showstopping wedding cakes

While a naked wedding cake will always have a place in our hearts, and will forever be on trend at rustic weddings, we’ve keen to see the return of towering, glam wedding cakes. You know the ones, with intricate decoration, layers of different flavours and exquisite design.

Image | Simply Two

Goodbye to: Bunting

Wedding bunting does give a lovely DIY feel to weddings, but we can’t help but think it’s starting to look a little dated – not to mention, bunting gives weddings a village fete vibe. Quaint, yes, overdone, totally.

Hello to: Balloons

Not just children’s party décor, balloons have a real moment in the wedding world; think ceilings covered in them, and ribbons streaming down – fun and elegant!


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